Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1538

It wasn’t that Gabriella didn’t want to do so, but she didn’t even dare entertain such a thought!

After all, the Ward family was already in such a desperate state that it was gasping for breath when they merely had some business conflicts with Norton Corporation. Thus, if she were to plan an assassination of the leader of Norton Corporation, the consequences would definitely be devastating once the matter came to light.

“Have you lost your mind, Carl Johnson?” Gabriella was both shocked and livid. “If you want to die, do so yourself! Don’t drag me down with you!”

She was living a dismal life now, but she was still the high and mighty young lady of the Ward family, not to mention a socialite at the upper echelons of society. Despite being rather embarrassed at the recent turn of events, she believed that everything would pass.

However, if she were to assassinate Larry and Joan, she would certainly lose everything were it to come to light even if the attempt succeeded. Worse still, she might even pay with her life.

“I know your concerns, Gabriella, but are you really that indifferent when you see Joan Watts by the side of the man whom you once loved deeply? What’s more, he even relegated you to your circumstances now because of that b*tch, Joan Watts!”

Knowing that she wouldn’t agree, Carl started reeling her in with various enticements.

“Joan Watts’ position now should have been yours, but that’s not the case now. Don’t you hate her when you think of how happy she is with Larry Norton?”

“Of course, I do! How could I possibly not hate her?”

Hatred glinted in Gabriella’s eyes. How I wish that Joan would just drop dead!

“But this matter is simply too serious. I don’t have such capability.”

“No, that’s not true. You simply lack the guts to do it because you worry too much. The loathing you harbor toward Joan Watts have you wishing that you could slash her into ribbons, but you can’t do anything to her because of Larry Norton. Also, you’re afraid of losing your identity now because it’s more than sufficient to allow you to enjoy life. But have you ever considered…”

At that, Carl deliberately paused for a moment so that Gabriella could hear him loud and clear.

“Once the Ward family’s current power and influence cease to exist, will you still have the identity of a socialite of the upper-class society? Don’t think that I’m trying to scare you, for you know the situation of the Ward family now better than me. Once the Ward family collapses and goes bankrupt or your father surrenders his position as chairman, those he had once offended or disregarded will walk all over you, mocking and oppressing you. Is that a life you want?”

Step by step, he battered at her defenses, breaking them down.

Upon hearing his words, an inexplicable wave of fear gripped Gabriella out of the blue.

She was naturally well aware of the Ward family’s situation at the moment. It was already at a precarious point, tottering on the edge of destruction. Once the Ward family goes bankrupt, I’ll lose my glamorous identity now and become the target of scorn and oppression!

At the thought of those she had once trampled under her feet looking at her with contemptuous expressions and the smug gratification on their faces as they picked on her, she felt as though she was going to lose her mind.

I’ll never allow such a situation to happen! Never in a million years!

“Nonetheless, this matter is still too risky. Even if we do attempt it, how are we going to do it? Larry and Joan are protected by bodyguards 24/7, so we might not necessarily succeed even if we do attempt an assassination. And once this matter comes to light, we’ll be facing relentless retaliation from Norton Corporation.”

As her thoughts went in this direction, she again hesitated.

“You don’t need to worry about this. I’ve already made arrangements for the most part, but I still need your help. Also, we need to plan this out again.”

Carl continued persuading her when he noticed her wavering.

“How about this? I’ll give you a few days to consider it. Three days later, if you’ve made up your mind and would like to join hands with me, come and look for me at eight o’clock at night. We’ll discuss and plan it out in detail. I’ll send you the location by phone.”

Gabriella remained silent, making it apparent that she was still weighing the pros and cons of this matter.

Seeing that she wasn’t saying anything, Carl didn’t continue bugging her.

“Alright, it’s decided, then. Think about it carefully, but as I said, why don’t you try fighting for it if you don’t want all those things I said to become a reality in the future?”

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