Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1540

After saying all that, Carl said nothing further since he knew that Gabriella would surely have questions for him.

“Don’t the assassins know who you are when you’ve already contacted them?”

After all, Gabriella had some knowledge about assassins from hearsay.

The majority of them were purportedly locals though there were also plenty from other countries. They had undergone specialized training and lived solely to carry out assassinations. Besides, they merely asked for money without ever bothering about who hired them. Hmm… they’re indeed the best choice to do this.

“They’re assassins, so they never asked for my name. For safety purposes, even the phone number I’m using to contact them is registered under a false name. Thus, you can rest assured about that.”

“Since you’ve already done all the preparations, why did you seek me out?” Gabriella was very much puzzled.

“Don’t tell me you sought me out just to pull me into this so that I’ll shoulder the risk with you? You’re truly vicious, Carl Johnson!” Gabriella snarled furiously as she gritted her teeth.

The more she pondered upon it, the greater her conviction that such was indeed his intentions.

Nevertheless, she naturally didn’t dare raise her voice as they were speaking of something shady.

“Why would you think that? Of course, I wouldn’t do such a thing when I love you so much,” Carl hurriedly cajoled in a soft voice when he saw that she was on the verge of blowing her top.

“I sought you out because I need your help in terms of connections and financial support.”

Carl finally revealed his ultimate goal.

“What do you mean?” Gabriella asked despite seemingly comprehending something or other after listening to him.

“I’m no longer the heir of the family business now. Although it was merely an insignificant family in the grand scheme of things, it still provided me much help in terms of financial backing. Now, however, I have nothing except for the few hundreds of thousands in my bank card,” Carl admitted helplessly.

At the thought of his predicament, he was all the more reminded of the culprits who brought about all that—Larry and Joan. And so, the hatred within him blazed all the hotter.

“The amount of money I have now isn’t enough to hire assassins. In fact, it’s far from enough. Therefore, I hope you can supply me with a sum of money. Also, I won’t be able to investigate their exact movements with my current capabilities. But without providing their location, the assassins won’t be able to carry out the assassination. Thus, I need the Ward family’s backing to know their real-time movements in detail.”

After saying all that, Carl said nothing further. He merely stared at her and awaited her decision.

“The assassins have no idea who we are? Are you a hundred percent sure about that?” Gabriella asked, seeking confirmation once again.

“They definitely won’t know who we are, and I can stake my life on that!” Carl asserted firmly, only stopping short at swearing it.

“So, how much does it cost to hire the assassins?” Gabriella inquired further.

“That depends on what you want them to do to Larry Norton and Joan Watts,” Carl replied grimly. “Since the former’s identity is rather unique, the price will be higher. As for the latter, it’ll be relatively cheaper.”

He then told her the price quoted by the assassins. Upon hearing that, Gabriella herself sucked in a breath.

“What? It’s that expensive?”

She was shocked, but at the thought of Larry’s unique identity, she felt that it did make sense.

As a deposit was required in the hiring of assassins, Carl and Gabriella decided to pay them two million after discussing the matter among themselves. Besides, they came to an agreement that Larry and Joan were only to be injured instead of killed.

After all, if the president of Norton Corporation died, the Ward family would also be implicated regardless of their involvement.

Hence, the best solution was to have the two of them injured and hospitalized.

By doing so, Norton Corporation would definitely plunge into chaos and ease its suppression of Ward Group. Ward Group could then have a respite amidst all that. On top of that, it would certainly be extremely beneficial toward its development in the future.

Gabriella and Carl then discussed the plan meticulously before confirming it in the end.

Both of them obtained great satisfaction from the plan. For Gabriella, not only would the Ward family gain a certain degree of respite, but she would also be able to avoid the series of consequences following the Ward family’s bankruptcy.

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