Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1547

“Not yet,” mused Larry. “Whoever was behind the assault wanted to harm us, yet at the same time not wanting us to be dead. Clearly, they’re afraid of being dragged into this matter if we did die.”

This would mean whoever was behind the attack would benefit from my injury. If I were to lose an arm and had to be admitted to the hospital for some time, the administrations of Norton Corporation would be all over the place. If so, who would benefit from it?

The wheels in Larry’s brain kept turning as he went through the names in his memory, eliminating those he believed to be innocent. In the end, he zeroed in on the most likely suspects.

The Wards or the Johnsons!

The more Larry thought about it, the more possible it seemed to be true. In fact, he was almost convinced that it was them behind the events that night.

“They really don’t know what’s best for them, do they?” murmured Larry softly to himself.

Ever since Carl Johnson and Gabriella Ward plotted against him and Joan, Norton Corporation had suppressed the Wards and the Johnsons, causing both families to struggle as they tried to stay afloat.

Nonetheless, it had never crossed Larry’s mind to kill or harm anyone. He just intended for them to suffer for a while so that they would repent.

However, perhaps the two families did not agree.

If I were hurt and Norton Corporation be thrown into chaos, they would have the opportunity to take a breather and start afresh. Perhaps that was why they had planned the assault.

Although that was a very likely theory, it was still a lot of guesswork. Without solid proof, Larry would never act hastily.

“Caspian, I’m going to need your help again. Help me investigate the recent movements of the Wards and the Johnsons. Moreover, I also suspect that Gabriella and Carl were behind this,” instructed Larry.

He paused for a second before continuing, “But this might not be an easy task. Since they had hired assassins, their identities would most likely be concealed. What happened today was intended to be a secret mission. As for how you are to carry out the investigation, I’ll leave that to you.”

“No worries Boss, I’ll take care of it,” declared Caspian as he patted his chest in confidence.

“Good. Give out the orders to everyone. Don’t do everything on your own since you’re injured. Leave the hands-on investigation to the men,” advised Larry.

“Yes, Boss!” replied Caspian respectfully. The two continued to chat for a little while more before retreating to their own rooms.

Norton Corporation was a powerful corporation with many connections. Along with the fact that Caspian had been known for his efficiency, it was no surprise when Caspian showed up at Larry’s room first thing in the morning to present what he had uncovered.

“Morning, Boss. We haven’t gotten any solid proof, but we did find a lot of clues. Two days ago, Carl Johnson and Gabriella Ward met up in a restaurant. They seemed to be discussing something rather mysteriously, but no one caught what they were talking about. After Gabriella went back, she had used the forces of the Ward family to find out about your whereabouts.”

Caspian paused and flip a page of his notes before continuing, “We got this information from the Wards. Even Landon Ward had no idea what Gabriella was up to, so it’s safe to say the Wards have nothing to do with last night, and only Gabriella Ward is responsible,” remarked Caspian. “Other than that, we’ve discovered that Gabriella Ward had transferred a sum of two million to Carl Johnson, and Johnson had immediately transferred the money to another unknown account,” announced Caspian before continuing, “All these events happened the day before the incident.”

Caspian looked up at Larry and tucked away his note. “One more thing. Carl Johnson had been seen asking about the details on hiring assassins when he was drinking with a bunch of thugs in a bar. That’s all we have so far.”

With that being said, Caspian fell silent as he waited for Larry to speak.

“That’s enough for us to safely conclude that it was Carl Johnson and Gabriella Ward who were responsible for this. On one hand, they probably hate us for ruining their reputation and therefore wanted to seek revenge. On the other hand, they would have wanted for me to be injured so their families can benefit from my absence.” Larry placed his hands on his chin as he expressed his thoughts.

“If I were injured, some weight would be lifted from their households. I might even let them off the hook. And they thought that everything was carefully planned out. Hah!” Larry scoffed. “They’ve truly underestimated the power of Norton Corporation.”

Larry analyzed the clues given by Caspian. He was now certain that the assault was planned by none other than Carl and Gabriella.

“So, what’s next, Boss?”

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