Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1549

The incident quickly became the hottest gossip around town. It seemed to be the only thing everybody was talking about the next morning.

“Carl Johnson? I’ve never heard of that name. Is he famous?” the other person asked.

“Carl Johnson might not be very famous, but you definitely would have heard about what he has done. Remember the rumors regarding Mr. Norton and his fiancée, Joan Watts? That was all Carl’s doing.”

“Oh, so that’s who he is. Please, that’s not fame, that’s notoriety. Even so, who would be so heartless to severe the tendons of his legs? That seems a bit too cruel…”

“Who knows? He probably offended someone he can’t afford to cross.”

“Say, do you think it could have been Larry Norton, the president of Norton Corporation? I mean, since Carl had framed him and his fiancée, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Mr. Norton had hired someone to do it as revenge.”

“Shhh! Watch your tongue! You don’t want to offend anyone!”

That was how most of the conversations of the public went. Unbeknownst to them, it really was Larry that ordered Caspian to carry out the brutal retaliation.

Larry had asked Caspian to think of a fitting punishment for Carl, and that it would be best if Carl could never cause trouble for others ever again. Thus, Caspian ordered his men to severe the tendons of Carl’s legs. After Larry found out, he acquiesced.

Since Carl Johnson was cruel enough to hire assassins to detach one of his and Joan’s arms, Larry had no reason to be merciful.

There were bound to be grey areas that would usually escape the sanction of the law.

Just like this one.

The night Carl had been taken to the hospital, the cops had already begun to investigate.

At first, they had considered the case as attempted murder and had conducted a series of investigations and interrogations, but the buzz soon subdued and things started returning to normal.

Once Carl was sent to the hospital, the surgeons had performed emergency surgery on him, preserving his life. However, as he did not receive immediate care after the incident, his severed tendons could not be rejoined, causing him to lose the ability to walk forever.

When the doctors broke the news to Carl, the latter was in denial. Once the doctors reaffirmed him of the grim news, Carl broke down and wept, devastated.

As the saying goes, you reap what you sow. Carl finally accepted his fate as bad karma after all the evil he had done.

“It’s done, Boss,” announced Caspian respectfully as he entered Larry’s room.

“All the clues and evidence of the incidence had been wiped out. Certain people had also been silenced. No one would ever know we were the ones behind the case.”

“Good. Since people like Carl could not be apprehended by the law, we could only take care of him this way.”

Larry nodded in satisfaction at Caspian. “Thank you for the trouble. Go get some rest. You deserve it.”

Unexpectedly, Caspian remained in his position. “But Boss, what about Gabriella? That woman is just as cruel and wicked. Are we really not going to do anything about her?” questioned Caspian in a cautious manner.

To Caspian, Gabriella Ward was just as vicious as Carl Johnson. If she weren’t punished, it could lead to greater disasters.

“Gabriella…” Larry groaned. “As of now, I haven’t been able to think of a fitting punishment for her. Any suggestions?”

Every time Gabriella crossed his mind, Larry was sure to have a headache. Gabriella had crossed his bottom line so many times, yet Larry did not have any ideas on how he could teach her a lesson. If she were a man, Larry would certainly have her killed.

Too bad she’s a woman. As vile and vicious as she was, Larry wouldn’t lay a hand on a woman.

“Since you’re so conflicted, Boss, how about this?” interrupted Caspian as he saw the dilemma written on Larry’s face.

“Oh, you have an idea? Tell me.”

Not knowing what to do, Larry happily listened to Caspian’s suggestion.

“Gabriella Ward has repeatedly defamed you and Ma’am. Not only did she sabotage Ma’am numerous times before, she even worked together with Carl to have you and Ma’am assassinated. If we don’t teach her a lesson, she could do something worse and potentially harm your loved ones. By then, you would be crying over spilled milk.”

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