Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1550

Larry nodded. He’s right, Gabriella was a ticking time bomb. It doesn’t matter if she hurt me, but I’ll die in regret if she lays a finger on Joan.

Larry remained silent as he knew Caspian had more to say.

“Since she’s a fan of setting up traps for others, why don’t we give her a taste of her own medicine? I’d reckon it’s the best punishment for her. Let’s set her up with something so bad she wouldn’t be able to cause any more harm,” Caspiancontinued.

“Since she likes to plot against Ma’am with Carl, why don’t we lure them into sleeping with one another and post the video clip on the Internet; she had used the same method to frame Ma’am after all, and karma’s a b*tch.”

Although Cas’s plan was fairly simple, it was undoubtedly the best punishment for someone like Gabriella.

Larry was satisfied with his plan as he quickly agreed. “Sounds good. Let’s go with your plan. It’s time she got a taste of her own medicine.”

The corners of Larry’s mouth curled into a devilish smile.

That’s what you get for hurting my loved ones.

Gabriella was roaming around in a mall on a fine day. She was not there on an errand run nor did she buy anything, but merely wanted to relax.

She had heard the news regarding Carl’s incident. He was seriously injured and became disabled. Carl’s news had served as a deterrent to Gabriella as she did not dare to do anything that would harm others. Or else, she would become like Carl.

Hence, Gabriella stayed under the radar as she kept herself at home and did not think of plotting against anyone. She was indeed traumatized by Carl’s incident.

She knew for a fact that Larry was behind Carl’s incident.

Gabriella could not sleep or eat well whenever she was reminded of the things she had done to both Larry and Joan for the past few days. She was worried Larry would come after her to avenge Joan.

However, Gabriella slowly realized no one intended to come after her after living in fear for a few days. Thus, she decided to head to the mall to get some fresh air.

Gabriella continued to walk forward absent-mindedly as her mind drifted towards her future plans.

I don’t expect myself to marry Larry at this point. However, the Ward family’s at risk of falling apart. I’ll instantly lose my glamorous life if that happens. What should I do when the time comes? She thought to herself as she continued walking.

She did not realize she had walked into a secluded area where there was little to no human traffic.

She quickly walked towards a crowded area when she came to her senses as remote areas often made her anxious.

When she was about to reach a crowded area, a hand appeared out of nowhere and slashed her on the neck.

Before she could register what was happening, Gabriella’s vision went dark and she lost consciousness.

On the other hand, Carl had finally made peace with the fact that he could no longer walk after some time.

He stayed home throughout this period as he planned his next step.

He always thought that he’d be safe as long as he was home, yet he was proven wrong.

He wanted to live a peaceful life for a short period on his own.

Hence, his father sent him to one of the Johnson family’s manor to stay alongside two housemaids to take care of him.

This day, a few men in black forced their way into Carl’s residence and made their way into his bedroom.

Carl was terrified when he saw the men as flashbacks of when his legs were seriously injured hit him. He looked at them in fear as he thought to himself. Why’s this happening? I’ve just recovered slightly and yet something terrible had befallen me once again.

Before he could shout for help, the men rushed to his side as they knocked him unconscious. Carl’s vision went dark as he fell to the ground.

Moments later, he subconsciously touched his sore neck when he woke up. He looked up and suddenly realized that he was kidnapped.

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