Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1552

The two other men nodded as soon as their leader gave them the signal. They took out a bottle of an aphrodisiac drug as they walked towards Gabriella with a malicious grin.

“No. Please, I beg of you! Let me go!” Gabriella begged for mercy. “I was wrong. Let me go, please! I promise I won’t do it again!”

The men ignored her pleas as they forcefully opened her mouth and dunked the drug into her mouth.


Gabriella tried to resist them as they forced the drug into her mouth. However, she could not go against the strength of two men. Thus, she tried to spit out the drug but failed.

“Enjoy your moment while it lasts, Ms. William.”

The leader of the trio grinned widely, “Place the camera at a good angle and untie her before we leave!”

The two men untied her and placed the camera at a place where she could not reach.

Once they were done, the trio left them alone as they walked out of the warehouse and closed the door.

“Open up! Please!” Gabriella ran to the warehouse door as she shouted and slammed the door with her fist violently.

When the realization dawned that there was no point in doing so, she slowly sat on the ground in despair. She curled herself into a ball and started to shiver.

Carl was watching the entire incident unfold before him coldly. His nerves were gone when he understood the motives of the kidnappers. Instead, he felt a slight sense of excitement.

Who knew my dream would come true in such a way! I must say, fate is on my side. I can regain the wealth and power that I once had as soon as I sleep with her. All I had to do now was patiently wait for the drug to take its effect.

Gabriella, who was curled up in the corner, walked up to Carl after some time.

She felt her body burning up, especially her lower abdomen. It was so hot she thought she might melt away any second. She gradually lost consciousness and her mind was filled with lust.

She jumped on Carl as she began taking off her clothes. Then, she kissed him incessantly as her hands roamed freely across his body.

Gabriella’s behavior immediately set off Carl’s sexual desire as he had been waiting for this moment for a long time. In fact, his sexual desire was even stronger than hers.

The couple held each other tightly in their arms while the warehouse was filled with lustful desires and heavy breathing.

The leader of the trio was annoyed at the sound that was coming from the warehouse.

“Damn it! Both of you stay put! I need to get some fresh air. This job sucks!”

The leader took off his mask and it turned out to be Caspian.

Caspian groaned in annoyance as he knew he was the one who got himself into this.

I thought it’d be a thrilling job. Who knew it’d be such a pain in the ass.

“If we weren’t doing this to punish Gabriella for the sake of Boss and Ma’am, I wouldn’t have done such a thing!” Caspian muttered dissatisfiedly.

An hour later, Caspian was notified by his man that the deed was done.

Caspian quickly hurried over as soon as he heard the news.

When he got there, he saw Gabriella fully dressed as she stared at a distance blankly. She must be feeling devastated and wanted to end her life. Caspian thought.

Whereas, Carl sat there calmly and seemed like he was deep in thought.

“Well, it seemed like the show’s over. Hence, we’ll be off now. Here are your phones. So do contact someone to come get you.” Caspian teased with his mask on.

Gabriella’s eyes were filled with hatred as she clenched her teeth and cursed, “You won’t get away with this! I’ll make you pay!”

“I understand how’re you feeling. But, you can’t blame us for this. Hadn’t you been doing the same thing to others? Tell me, how does it feel to have a taste of your own medicine?” Caspian gloated.

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