Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1555

“Gabriella, I really didn’t want to do this. It’s your fault that we’re in this hot water. I can no longer protect you with the current situation of the Ward family.”

Landon was heartbroken when he saw Gabriella’s reaction. However, he had to do it for the sake of the Ward family.

“Dad, this isn’t real, right? You’re lying, aren’t you! I’m your beloved daughter!” Gabriella’s voice trembled. She looked at her father as her heart shattered into pieces.

“Gabriella, please forgive me. I really had no choice.”

“I’ll host a press conference tonight and announced that you’re no longer a member of the Ward family. Hence, you should prepare yourself for it. Pack your things and leave the Ward family. I promised that I’ll restore your name once everything’s stable again.”

Landon immediately left the study before Gabriella could respond. He could not bear to face her daughter’s disappointment as he was afraid he might change his mind.

There’s no room for error now. Another mistake might lead to the end of the Ward family. Landon thought to himself as he stood in the hallway blankly.

I thought Dad would help me get through this. Yet, who knew my most beloved father was the first to abandon me.

“No!’ This isn’t real!” Gabriella shouted as her voice resounded through the entire compound of the Ward family.

What kind of father and daughter relationship is this? Where did all the love and affection go? It’s nothing in comparison to the family interest!

“I hate you! I hate you all!”

On the same night, Landon held a press conference as he invited every media in town. He decided to host an interview session to briefly speak about the recent economic crisis that the Ward family were facing.

When one of the journalists asked how Landon intended to deal with Gabriella’s scandal, he announced shocking news. “After much consideration, I have decided to banish Gabriella from the Ward family. She’s no longer my daughter as well as a part of the Ward family. Her words and actions do not represent the Ward family nor do we share any sort of relationship!”

Nevertheless, Landon had used the cruelest way to banish Gabriella from the family.

There was a huge uproar among the community of Marsingfill as soon as the news was released.

It was the first time in history that someone had publicly cut ties with their own daughter in Marsingfill. The people of Marsingfill were busy discussing among themselves as many different opinions surfaced. Some claimed that the Ward family was too cruel while others agreed that Gabriella should be punished for all the terrible things she had done in the past.

Everyone had different opinions. However, the reputation of the Ward family was saved after the press conference was held. Everyone had their focus solely fixated on Gabriella as the Ward family was not involved.

A source claimed that someone saw Gabriella leaving the Ward family with a suitcase the same night Landon broke the news. However, no one knew where she had gone to.

She was no stranger to the people in Marsingfill not only because of her renowned background but her countless scandals as well. Finally, she was punished for her bad deeds and disappeared from the public’s sight.

Gabriella was now staying in a rented villa. Although she was driven out by the Ward family, she still refused to admit that she was now on her on.

She still believed that she was the daughter of the Ward family. Thus, it was natural for her to indulge in a luxurious life. She couldn’t bring herself to rent a small place, but a villa instead.

Gabriella’s heart was filled with despair when Landon announced the news. It was a feeling that no one would understand.

Forget it, what had been done cannot be undone now. But life goes on, so I shall make it count. Besides, Dad did say he’ll regain her identity once the Ward family’s in a stable condition. Hence, I’ll look forward till that day comes.

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