Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1557

Seeking help from her friends was no longer a viable option; no one would help her, the one who once looked down on them all. If she kept this up, she would only humiliate herself.

Left without a choice, Gabriella went to look for a job.

While she had the educational qualifications, Gabriella did not have any working experience. Moreover, she had no talents of her own.

As Landon’s only daughter, Gabriella had always been the cherished daughter of the Wards. Everyone thought Gabriella would one day marry into a rich family; they never thought she would end up looking for a job of her own.

Gabriella had no practical experience, and she could not even grasp the theories. All she had was a piece of paper to show others her educational qualifications. Hence, her job search was met with failure, again and again.

It was until someone finally gave Gabriella a chance.

Gabriella received a call from a company, telling her she had passed the first test. After discussing details with the company, she could then go to work.

Gabriella was overjoyed. Never in her life would she have thought that there was a day she would be as thrilled as this to have found a job.

Without hesitation, Gabriella went to the company.

The one who greeted her was a pot-bellied, plump, and ugly man.

The moment Gabriella sat down, the man’s eyes lit up and nearly drooled.

She was perplexed when she saw him. This isn’t the one who interviewed me that day.

However, she still politely queried, “May I know if you’ll be the interviewer today?”

The man froze before he hastily said, “That’s right. I’m the interviewer for the day. However, you seemed quite well. You’ve passed. You can come to work starting tomorrow.”


Gabriella was delighted to hear his words. Although she was uncomfortable with the way the man was staring at her, his words were pleasant to Gabriella’s ears.

When the man saw how excited she was, he, too, became excited.

“It seems like this job is important to you,” the man hummed.

“That’s right. It’s very important to me,” Gabriella said as she beamed.

With this job, I’ll be able to pay for my bills as long as I save up.

The man continued, “Our company pays well, and there is a high monthly commission. Most importantly, it’s easier than other jobs. As long as you’re sensible, I’m sure you’ll earn a lot.”

“May I know what the job details are?” Gabriella eagerly asked.

She was still nervous. This was her first job and the start of her life.

“You’ll be my secretary, and you’ll be taking care of what I need in life.” A perverted grin then emerged on the man’s face.

However, Gabriella did not understand the hidden meaning of his words. I know about secretaries, but why do they have to take care of his needs in life?

When she voiced the questions out loud, the man’s grin grew wider.

“Let me teach you now, then. Learn to the best of your abilities, babe.”

The man then came closer to Gabriella and began unbuckling his belt.

It was then Gabriella realized what was going on. This was not a job; the perverted man was interested in her and wanted her for himself.

“Come, babe. I’m ready. Don’t you need money? I can give you lots and lots of money, as long as you’re a sensible girl.”

A lewd smile appeared on the man’s face.

“I don’t want this job anymore,” Gabriella snapped. “I’m leaving now.”

She thought she had finally gotten a good job; she had not anticipated that things would turn out this way.

“Don’t go, babe. I can give you any amount of money you want, as long as you agree to my requests.”

Right then, the man reached out to touch Gabriella’s face, but the latter nimbly avoided it.

“I don’t want your disgusting money! I just want a job. Keep your hands to yourself!” Gabriella roared.

Shameless people like him sickened her.

“Let go! Let go of me right now!”

Gabriella tried her best to struggle out of his grasps, but her efforts were to no avail.

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