Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1562

A peaceful moment finally came to the lively Marsingfill.

As always, Norton Corporation was the leading company in the city. Both Larry and Joan had a sweet and peaceful life. At the same time, Ward Group slowly returned to its original stability.

As Larry did not plan to settle the score with the Johnson family, they remained the same.

The only change they had was that a new member joined them.

That day, Gabriella engaged Carl.

The Johnsons were no prominent family, but the engagement ceremony was still a vibrant one where many friends and family came to witness the event.

At the end of the day, Gabriella and Carl became a family despite their complicated past.

With everybody’s blessing, the two exchanged rings. From then on, Gabriella was Carl’s fiancée.

“We’ll have a good future,” Gabriella mumbled to herself as hope filled her eyes.

She wanted to have a peaceful and blissful life from then on; she was tired of setting people up and getting set up.

If Carl could read Gabriella’s mind, he would have laughed at her for being too naive.

You’ve hurt me so many times. Now, you’re the fish on my chopping board.

Gabriella, Gabriella. This is only the start of your living hell.

The bright smile on Carl’s face concealed the cruel look that flitted across his eyes.

Half a month after the engagement, the two then held a wedding.

The guests at the wedding were all relatives and friends of the Johnsons. There was no way Gabriella’s family members could attend her wedding, and she had no genuine friends of her own. Even the bridesmaids were friends of Carl.

As Gabriella walked down the red carpet in a white dress, a radiant smile was on her face.

This was the first time she wore a wedding dress, and it would be her last.

Like all women, she looked forward to her bright future. That day, Gabriella became Carl’s wife.

That was also the day her miserable life in the Johnson family began.

On the next day after their wedding.

Gabriella slowly woke. When she looked at Carl, who was still sleeping, she wondered if she was dreaming. Everything seemed surreal.

She then leaned closer into Carl’s arms. That was the only way she would feel a sense of security.

Sensing movement by his side, Carl woke. When he saw Gabriella in his arms, he smiled.

“Dear, were you happy last night?”

When he thought about the maniacal activity they engaged in the previous night, Carl’s breathing turned heavy.

His words made Gabriella blushed. She, too, recalled her desperate actions last night. Promptly lowering her head, she shyly said, “How can you ask me in that way?”

“So, were you happy?”

Carl’s smile widened. It seemed like he was adamant about finding out what her answer was.

“Yes,” came her reply after a moment of hesitation.

At the same time, she nodded as a blush crept to the tips of her ears.

When Carl looked at the woman in front of him, a victorious sense filled his heart.

She was once the goddess he could never get, but now, she was looking meek in front of him. It inflated his ego.

Turning around to pin her under him, he then roughly kissed Gabriella. Once again, the two engaged in vigorous activity.

After that, Gabriella leaned on Carl’s chest. Carl had been rough with her, and her lips were swollen.

Even a while after that, her body still ached. There was no trace of gentleness as he previously promised. Instead, it felt as if he had been vengeful.

Instead of dwelling on that thought, Gabriella asked, “Carl, do you love me?”

“Do you want to hear the truth?”

Carl smiled, but there was a hint of something else in that smile.

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