Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1563

“Of course I want to hear the truth.”

Quietly, she lay in his arms, waiting for him to whisper sweet nothings to her.

“The truth is,” came Carl’s abruptly loud voice. “I’ve never loved you. Not before, and certainly not in the future.”

Finally, on that day, Carl revealed his true self.

Gabriella froze for a second. Then, she whined, “I’m serious. Stop joking.”

“I’m serious too. Look at me.”

Staring into her eyes, Carl enunciated, “I have never loved you.”

When Gabriella saw the hatred and malice in his eyes, her eyes widened in disbelief.

“Why? Why don’t you love me? Why did you marry me then?” Gabriella mumbled to herself.

She could not bring herself to believe in his words at all.

“At the start, I only loved you for your body. I wanted to find out what it felt like to have an arrogant woman like you under me. Most importantly, I want to get the Wards’ assets, and that’s why I want to become the Wards’ son-in-law. You’re the only and beloved daughter of the Wards, why won’t your father give me all of your family’s assets? But who knew everything would go wrong? Not only did the Wards nearly go bankrupt, but that old man Landon even kicked you out of the Ward family. My dreams are dashed, but it’s fine. This way, I can win you over easier and make you my plaything. Honestly, I wanted to spoil you and give you a good life in the beginning, but the way you looked down at me hurt my dignity. Therefore, I want to take revenge on you, and I want to make sure you can’t escape it. That’s why I married you.”

Carl was smug, for he had achieved his goal.

“Why? I’m already in this state. Why won’t you let me off?” Gabriella muttered.

Carl’s words were a sharp knife that stabbed repeatedly in her heart; it shredded her heart, which had just begun beating again.

“Why? You deserve this!”

Carl’s face was twisted in anger. “If you didn’t do all those horrible things, why would this happen to you? I don’t even have my legs anymore, but this is such a light punishment for you. You should feel grateful for this. However, this punishment of yours will last the rest of your life. Hahaha!”

Ever since Carl lost the use of his legs, he had gone insane. He wished everyone would be as miserable as he was. The more melancholic they were, the happier he was.

Gabriella’s heart sank.

She thought she had found a love of her own, far from the complicated life she used to have. Yet, this was now just a wishful thought of hers.

Yet, she had no choice but to submit to her fate.

As time went by, Joan’s stomach grew bigger.

By then, she was already four months pregnant.

A while back, Joan had already left her job at Opulent Designs. She wanted to rest for her pregnancy.

Whenever he was free, Larry would return to keep Joan company.

“Joan, I’m back.”

After work, Larry rushed home. When he saw Joan reading books about child-raising, he could not help but laugh.

“Joan, you’re only four months pregnant. No rush in reading them now,” Larry softly said as he walked over to her.

“I have nothing else to do at home anyway. I never took care of children before this, so I have no experience with raising a kid. I’ll have to depend on these books in the future.”

When Joan spoke, she did not turn to look at him; she remained focus on the book in her hands.

Sitting down on the couch, Larry then pulled Joan into his arms. When he looked at her side profile, he smiled.

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