Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1564

“My kid’s already stealing my wife’s attention from me before they’re being born. Once the baby’s born, doesn’t that mean I’ll have no place in my wife’s heart?” Larry exclaimed dramatically.

Upon hearing that, Joan put down the book in her hands. “How old are you? Why are you jealous of your kid? Aren’t you childish?”

“I don’t care. Other than when you’re taking care of the kid, the rest of your time is mine. No one can steal you from me.”

Larry was like a kid defending his dignity; he refused to let an unborn baby win against him.

“Okay, okay. Whatever you say it is.”

Joan relented, not wanting to continue arguing with the childish man.

“By the way, Larry, shouldn’t we check whether our baby’s a girl or a boy now?” Joan pointed out.

“Yes, but is that important to you?” Larry replied with a chuckle.

“Of course it is. I can only read more in-depth after finding out whether our baby’s a girl or a boy.”

What if I find out too late about the baby’s gender? What if I’ve been preparing for a daughter but the baby turns out to be a boy? What will I do if the boy grows up like a girl?

Ever since Joan was pregnant, she was alarmingly alert with her motherly instincts. It got to the point Larry was fearful. Joan was often going on and on about which foods she could not eat and what activities she could not do. Larry was speechless.

Thinking that it was better if they did a checkup, Larry agreed, ”If so, we’ll do a checkup sometime soon. After that, we can tell Mom and Dad about it.”

“Yes, I’d like to go back to my parents’ place too. It’s been a long time.”

After all those things that had happened, Joan had yet to go home to visit her parents. Although it had been peaceful for a while, Joan had been preoccupied with the thoughts of her child. Hence, the thought of visiting her parents did not cross her mind.

At that, Joan could not help but feel guilty.

“Okay, we’ll do a checkup in the hospital tomorrow. I’m free these few days, so let’s stay at Mom and Dad’s place for the next few days,” Larry said as he looked at Joan lovingly.

“Yes, yes!”

Joan was delighted when she heard that they were going to her parents’ house.

Clearly, despite the quiet moments, Joan was bored at home. Therefore, she was thrilled to be able to get out of the house.

“Dear, you must be hungry. Let me cook something for you.”

Realizing that it was getting late but the two had yet to eat, Joan hastily got to her feet, about to head to the kitchen.

“Sit there. I’ll prepare the food instead.”

Larry hurriedly stopped her and motioned for her to sit.

“You’re going to cook?”

Somehow, Joan was nervous when she heard Larry was going to cook for her. When she thought about the dishes he made a while back, she could not help but shudder. Even the sight of his dishes had been terrible.

“I’ll do it. It’ll be a quick one, so I won’t be tired.”

Joan knew Larry was afraid that cooking would tire her out, and that was why he volunteered to cook. However, Joan still found it best that she rejected his offer.

The reason was simple. Even if she could eat his cooking, the baby in her could not. What if my baby won’t eat properly in the future?

Larry saw all the expressions that flitted across Joan’s face. He knew his horrifying cooking from the previous time had traumatized Joan. Thus, she dared not let him in the kitchen.

However, after the previous time, Larry had been practicing cooking. He often studied recipes, and now, his cooking was unlike before.

“Let me. Give me a chance to prove myself. What happened last time won’t happen again.”

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