Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1569

Larry paused for a while and added, “I knew that he was serious. Among all of us, he valued friendships the most and always act impulsively. He couldn’t deal with the tragedy and still wished to stay by my side.

“He was Caspian, whom I cared about the most. Also, he relied upon me the most.”

Larry sounded calm as he finished. Nevertheless, tears had streamed down his face while his body was shivering. It was obvious that he was trying his best to hold in his emotions.

Meanwhile, Joan also sobbed. She never thought that the easy-going Caspian went through hell in the past.

She was even more surprised that Larry’s past was heart-wrenching, to the extent that she cried upon hearing it.

“Dear, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have asked you about it in the first place. I’m so sorry,” Joan apologized guiltily while hugging Larry, who was still immersed in sorrow.

“It’s okay. It’s not your fault. In fact, I feel better after sharing my past with you.” Larry forced a smile.

Joan couldn’t help but feel heartbroken when she saw his forced smile.

“Actually, Caspian is the most broken man among us. Although he seems to be easy-going, he values every relationship and can hardly let go of the past.”

Larry felt sorry for Caspian.

“I didn’t know that you guys have a legendary past. Dear, let bygones be bygones as all of us have to look ahead. I’m sure that your friends in heaven will be relieved to know that you live a good life now,” Joan comforted him. “Most importantly, you still have me! I’ll be with you, and we’ll never leave each other!”

“Yes, when you’re here with me, I can go through any difficulties. As you said, we have to look ahead. We can still reminisce, yet it is even more important to live our life to the fullest,” Larry said.

Holding on to her hand, he felt he had everything.

“Alas, I pity Caspian. While you still have me, he’s still single. I think he’ll feel awful when he’s alone. Should we get a girlfriend for him?” said Joan worriedly as she thought about Caspian.

“Well, I agree that it’s time to look for a girlfriend for him,” Caspian murmured, “but I’m afraid he might not cooperate with us.”

“In that case, we can…” Joan came closer to him and whispered in his ear.

“Mm, this idea sounds good,” Larry’s eyes sparkled as he replied.

As they were on the same page, they decided it within seconds.

Meanwhile, Caspian, who was miles away on a business trip, sneezed.

“Damn it. Who’s scolding me?” he murmured.

Since Larry gave him a simple task, he finished it quickly and began to walk around the place leisurely.

Suddenly, a girl, who was wearing a yellow dress and a ponytail, came into sight. She looked youthful and cute with her sweet smile and her big, round eyes.

Caspian stared at her, his heart thumping. At this moment, he had a strange feeling as though his heart was meant to live for her.

Meanwhile, the girl also saw that Caspian, who wore a suit, was standing still and gazing at her. The next moment, she flashed him a cute smile in response.

Interesting fellow. It was the first thought that came to the girl’s mind.

As Caspian watched the girl left and disappeared into the crowd, he couldn’t help but feel a little dejected.

“I hope I can see you again, beautiful girl.”

Caspian wasn’t good at expressing his feelings and would always hide his true self due to his previous occupation.

Even if he had feelings for her the first time they saw each other, he was still reluctant to talk to her.

We’ll meet again if it’s fated. It was part of Caspian’s ostrich approach.

Caspian returned to Marsingfill with some regrets.

Since Caspian met the girl on the street, he went to the same place for the next two days. He sincerely hoped that they would meet again.

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