Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1570

Unfortunately, the girl never showed up again.

It appears we’re not fated to see each other again. Caspian was disappointed.

Since he had been in this place for quite some time, it was time for him to go back and report to Larry.

“Boss, I’m back.”

Caspian arrived at Larry’s house to report to him about his progress.

“It’s nice to have you back. How’s everything?”

Although Larry pretended to talk to him calmly, he was ready to execute his plan.

“Boss, don’t worry. I’ve handled everything well,” Caspian lowered his gaze and answered.

“Good. You’ve worked hard,” Larry said and patted Caspian’s shoulder.

“It’s not a big deal. Well, if there’s nothing else, I’ll make a move,” Caspian said.

Usually, Larry would give Caspian two days’ leave after he completed a mission. Hence, Caspian thought it would be the same this time around.

“Caspian, I know you’ve worked hard to finish the task. However, I have another important task for you.” Larry pretended to say guiltily while a wry smile flashed across his face.

“Boss, no worries. Just give me the instructions, and I’ll do as you say,” Caspian said with doubts in his mind.

I think something isn’t right about Boss today.

Despite having some doubts, Caspian was passionate about doing anything that could resolve Larry’s problems.

“After this, I’ll give you a long holiday so that you can get some rest.”

Larry was delighted as the plan went on as planned.

“Here are the time and venue of the mission. You’ve to meet someone. Since she’s not an ordinary woman, you’ve to watch her closely and don’t leave till the end. After meeting her, remember to drive her home. Also, be mindful of her house address.”

Larry was joyful on the inside, though he pretended to gaze at Caspian seriously.

“Don’t worry, Boss. I’ll complete the mission.”

Caspian promised solemnly.

After all, it was his duty to complete every mission that Larry assigned to him.

“Alright, get some rest today and carry out the mission tomorrow evening.”

Larry gazed at Caspian intently as though he had placed all his hopes on Caspian.

“I’m counting on you to complete the task!”


The more concise Caspian’s words were, the more determined he was.

This task appears to be very important. I must accomplish it to live up to his expectations!

Determination and seriousness were written all over his face as he left.

Once Larry confirmed that Caspian had left, he couldn’t help bursting into laughter.

“Hahaha, Caspian is an idiot! I’ve fooled him! Joan, how are my acting skills? Do I deserve an Oscar award?”

Larry laughed like a drain.

While Larry was laughing smugly, Joan said worriedly, “Larry, do you think Caspian will be angry if he finds out that we’re lying to him?”

“Don’t worry. He won’t be angry with us. I understand him very well, and he won’t be offended by something like this. Besides, I’m interested to know how he would react once he finds out his task is to join a blind date! Hahaha…” Larry laughed once again.

A moment later, Larry turned around and suddenly stopped laughing.

He happened to meet Caspian’s eyes.

Caspian returned because he had some questions to ask Larry yet didn’t expect to witness this.

“Hmm… Caspian, why have you come back?”

Larry immediately calmed himself down and scratched his head awkwardly. “Do you need anything else?”

Caspian probably didn’t hear what we said, right? Yes, he definitely didn’t hear it. Larry lied to himself deep down.

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