Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1576

“What are you talking about? It’s no trouble at all. We’re doing it voluntarily even if there is,” said Vivian.


The entire family laughed joyfully.

Just like that, Joan and Larry moved back into Norton Residence.

Joan received all the attention during her time spent with the Nortons as everyone looked forward to the baby.

Larry also accompanied Joan to stay in her parents’ home for two days before she moved into Norton Residence. She was able to prepare for childbirth with peace of mind, learn more about her postpartum care, and did some prenatal education for her unborn baby.

“Larry, do you think our child will look like you or me when he grows up?”

Joan lay in Larry’s arms as she asked.

“Me of course,” Larry said narcissistically. “After all, I am awesome, so he got to take after me.”

“So you’re saying I’m not good enough?”

Joan’s tone changed as she pretended to be mad.

“Don’t get me wrong. You’re pretty, gentle, kind, elegant, thoughtful, and very capable. In fact, you’re just perfect!”

Larry quickly cleared the air and praised her.

“Hmph. That’s more like it.”

Joan nodded, pleased.

“Let’s go out for a walk tomorrow. I’m so bored just staying at home.”

Joan whined coquettishly at Larry.

Larry didn’t want to put Joan out there ever since her pregnancy for fear of getting hurt. However, he couldn’t bear to turn her down after seeing the expectant look on her face.

“Ok, I’ll go with you tomorrow.”

Larry nodded in agreement. Things should be fine with me around.

“Thank you, Dear.”

The next day, Joan was finally able to walk out of Norton Residence with Larry in tow.

She was like a kite with a broken string the moment she breathed in the fresh outdoor air no matter how hard Larry tried to stop her.

She was going crazy after spending two months at home. The outside world felt refreshing and way more interesting than Norton Residence.

She totally ignored Larry’s words. Larry had no choice but to keep up with Joan in case anything happens to her.

Joan’s baby belly was getting visible five months into her pregnancy. Nonetheless, she walked around with a spring in her step and wasn’t even tired out after a long walk.

“Larry, let’s go to the mall. I want to shop for some baby clothes for our future child,” Joan said cheekily.

“What’s the rush? We can wait till he’s born.” Larry looked at Joan affectionately. “However, we should get you some maternity clothes.”

“Then, let’s go!”

Joan hooked her arm around Larry’s as they walked to the mall.

“But, we’ll have to head home right after. You mustn’t tire yourself out since we’ve been out for so long now.”

Larry said with a serious look on his face.

“Alright, I got it. You’re so naggy, just like my mom.” Joan muttered, displeased.

Larry smiled helplessly. How dare you say I act like your mom? I’ll whack your ass if you’re not pregnant.

Both of them chatted happily on the way to the mall. Joan insisted on visiting the children’s clothing store while Larry insisted on getting her some maternity clothes.

In the end, Larry relented and accompanied Joan to the children’s clothing stores.

Unknown to Larry and Joan, they were being watched by a woman nearby who was shopping for clothes. A trace of madness flashed in her eyes as she pretended to shop for clothes while following closely behind.

Her name was Xyla. She was the wife of one of the assassins who tried to kill Larry.

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