Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1690

If she managed to attract Jory, she and her kids would no longer have to worry about making ends meet ever again. They would probably not enjoy riches, but at least they would have more than enough to get by.

Since the man was hugging her right then, Gabriella figured that he probably had the same intention. Even though she had given birth, the woman was still confident of her looks and figure. With her alluring aura, she knew that she easily stood out among the crowd.

Gabriella traced her hands up and down Jory’s arm and rubbed the back of his hand with her fingers gently. She noticed that Jory’s eyes were getting hazier by the second as he stared at her lips which looked even more attractive with her peach lip gloss.

Even though a lot had changed over the years, the woman’s confidence remained. As she pressed her body tightly against Jory, she was certain that no man would be able to control himself.

However, seconds later, Jory, who had a natural air of arrogance to him, regained his composure and retracted his hand. At once, he pushed Gabriella away, keeping a distance of one metre between them.

“Don’t think of using those tactics you used to seduce other men on me. Not all men think only with the lower half of their bodies. Unlike others, I think with my mind,” Jory said as he looked at the woman coldly.

Gabriella felt extremely awkward that things had not proceeded according to her wishes. In fact, she had not expected herself to touch Jory’s hand. She thought that she was different from before, but it turned out that nothing much had changed. Perhaps, that was just her character. Or maybe, it was because she had suffered enough and desperately wanted her life to improve.

Jory was also surprised at his own restraint. In his younger days, he was unambitious, neglected his schooling and was known to be a womanizer. However, it all changed when a daughter from a rich family rejected his marriage proposal when he was eighteen years old. Consequently, there was a hundred and eighty degree change in his attitude. He stopped fooling around and became more motivated. It was as though he had made conquering the heart of that woman his life goal.

Marriages of convenience were a common occurrence in the business arena. The coming together of two powerful families would allow ease of cooperation between the families. Both families would also be able to enjoy more resources and prosper together.

It did not make any sense for two strangers to marry each other. Marriages of convenience were way more impractical than flash marriages. However, that fate fell upon Jory. Even if he was physically repulsed by the woman chosen for him, he would not have any choice but to marry her.

But of course, Jory, who was eighteen years old then, did not think of it as a bad thing. It was simply to get married. To him, that meant that there would be one more person to entertain him. He was from a rich family and getting married did not mean much to him. As long as he wished, he could always continue hooking up with other women outside.

However, what he did not expect was that the other family ultimately chose to terminate all cooperation with his family and even rejected his marriage proposal.

Alpire Group was one of the top corporations in the industry. Furthermore, Jory’s father was a reputable figure in the industry and many of the chairmen from other corporations treated him with due respect. Naturally, many would want to be united with the Synders through marriage. Combining forces with the Alpire Group would greatly boost any company’s status in the market. It was definitely an opportunity that was hard to come by.

Advancing one’s own interests were the priority for most in a capitalist economy. The happiness of their kids was of secondary concern to most businessmen. In their eyes, love was overrated and all marriage partners served the same purpose. Money was always more important.

However, there was always an exception. When the marriage proposal made by the Alpire Group was rejected, everyone in the company was shocked. The reason given by the other party was that Jory was unaccomplished and often bummed around, which made him incompatible with the daughter of that family.

That caused Jory’s dad to feel utterly embarrassed. Even Jory himself was incensed. In fact, he had never felt that angry before in his entire life…

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