Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1699

“So far, after relentless investigation and tracking, we found that all five acquired branches have one thing in common. That is, information has been leaked from the inside. I hope everyone here can consider the issue from this angle. At the same time, we have to enhance the monitoring and supervision of all the information that come and go between various departments, in order to avoid any more leakage. We don’t want it happening again!”

As soon as he said that, the room became abuzz with chatter again. Larry did not intend to stop them. However, the old man whom Larry referred to as “Mr. Harley” had something more to say, and he went about it loudly, “Mr. Norton, I hope you can also bear this in mind. The board of directors has the power to dismiss a president with poor performance at any time. Norton Corporation has never encountered a crisis as bad as this one since its establishment… until now. I implore Mr. Norton to reflect on his actions. Similarly, we as the directors should also be held accountable for failing to assist you…” The old man gave Larry a sidelong glance. He spoke eloquently, in a gentle tone.

Under the table, Larry clenched his fists. He would not allow Norton Corporation to fall on his watch. He swore he would not let his father’s hard work go for nothing.

Additionally, he did not want to disappoint his followers and their expectations of him. He also wanted to prove his point, that age does not translate to ability.

In the evening, Larry pushed the door open and entered his home. He was knackered with his thoughts fully occupied by the tiring board meeting.

“You’re finally back.” Joan knew about Norton Corporation’s crisis. She deliberately requested the manager to let her get off work early, so that she could get home before Larry did.

Larry buried himself in the sofa and accepted Joan’s glass of lemonade.

“You should stop taking coffee, dear. It doesn’t go well with the stress.” Joan sat down beside him and dutifully massaged his shoulders.

Within a few days, Alpire Group had managed to acquire five of Norton Corporation’s branch companies. She was of the opinion that a huge acquisition project such as this would have required long-term preparation. She had no intention of putting the blame on the company employees, but the information leak did not hinder one from wondering whether there were spies in their midst.

“Do you have any ideas who’s behind this?” Joan inquired softly. “Now that you’re home, let’s put the problem aside. You have to take care of your health. That’s the capital to move forward. Only then can you build the strength to come up with solutions.”

“Joan, at the directors’ meeting today, they questioned me. They questioned my abilities, my business methods. They still think that experience is everything…” Larry’s voice was deeper than usual as he complained to his wife.

Joan gave his hand a tight squeeze. “Don’t take what they say to heart, dear. I believe in you!”

Larry drank the lemonade in one go. His mouth and teeth were instantly filled with bitterness, just like his mood. But Joan held his hand firmly as she continued to give him the strength he did not know he needed. Her hand always seemed to be able to give him the power to march forward.

Joan chuckled softly. She leaned over to give Larry a hug and whispered in his ear, “Larry, I’ve told you before. No matter what kind of difficulties we face, I’ll go through them with you, hand in hand. Even if no one else believes you, please know that you have me. I’ll stand by you, forever and always.”

Forever and always…” Larry slowly held onto her fingers, feeling her cool temperament and sweet sensitivity. Her presence was like peach blossoms in April. Fair, light, and swaying in the wind. Then, her fragrance overwhelmed him and eventually got under his skin.

This woman had always been standing by his side.

To be able to spend the rest of his life with her, what more could he ask for?

Jory’s journey to Barrymore Group this time had been smooth-sailing. Unwittingly, he chose the same road he had taken last time, where he had been stopped by a daft, boisterous, egoistic woman and her red Bentley.

He had his hands on the steering wheel, his fingers tapping on the surface every once in a while. As he came to a red light, he joined the row of cars in forming a neat and orderly line. As he thought about what happened the other day, he actually felt a tinge of indescribable disappointment. Once it popped into his mind, he laughed at himself for quite some time.

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