Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2738

Chapter 2738 We Will Support You

Lifting her head, Joan asked the both of them seriously, “What do you guys think?”

“Joan, no matter what you choose to do, we will support you.” Jessica’s tone was firm.

In this world, love isn’t the only thing that’s noble. To be able to chase one’s passion is also considered a noble calling.

“But Joan, have you made all the necessary preparations? The capital, management, etc…”

“Don’t worry. I have given it some thought.”

It seems she has walked out of her own shadow. Looking at Joan, Jessica couldn’t help but smile in satisfaction.

As for the differences between Larry and Joan, no one else was able to interfere. Although Jessica had the urge to help them reconcile, she didn’t know if Larry had edited videos of Joan hurting Della. These were the same videos that caused Larry to feel as if he owed Della.

Meanwhile, Delilah quickly found out about Joan’s intention to start a flower shop.

“Joan, are you serious?” Delilah asked skeptically, worried that it was just a spur-of-the-moment decision.

“Of course I am. Ms. Young, it has been my dream since young to start a flower shop…” Joan explained while she got herself busy.

That’s wonderful! Delilah’s eyes were filled with excitement as she watched Joan.

Recently, Delilah didn’t concern herself too much with what was going on between Larry and Joan. After all, she knew that only both of them can solve their own problems.

When Dustin and Abelyn knew Joan wanted to start a flower shop, both of them were so enthusiastic that they asked her out for lunch.

“What’s the hurry?” Joan was panting after having run into the restaurant to meet them.

“No hurry at all,” Abelyn replied cordially with a wave of her hand.

Taking a sip of coffee, Dustin asked in surprise, “I heard you’re going to start a flower shop?”

“Mmm-hmm. Yes, I am,” Joan nodded as she replied confidently.

“Do you need my help?” Dustin sounded slightly worried.

Joan shook her head with a smile. She understood Dustin’s intentions well but would not take advantage of it.

“Have you found a shop yet? What about the rental? Or the location…”

Abelyn bombarded Joan with so many questions that she was at a loss as to where to start.

Given what an experienced businesswoman she was, this was very much expected of her. Looking at Abelyn, Joan suddenly felt a lot of admiration for her.

“Don’t worry. Once the renovations are done, we can start operating at once.”

For some inexplicable reason, Dustin was thrilled.

“Call me if you have any problems.” His tone was filled with anticipation.

What kind of problems could there possibly be? Even if I faced any problems, I would solve them myself.

At that moment, Larry was sitting on the sofa beside the bed, waiting for Della to wake up.

“Ah…” Della groaned.

“Larry? Why are you here?” she sat up quickly in surprise.

“Your dad asked me to come and visit you as he is worried…” Larry replied carefully.

“So, it’s my dad who got you to come.”

Della hung her head in disappointment. Can’t he at least lie? Is it really so difficult to tell me that you missed me and were thinking about me?

Heaving a sigh, Della turned and looked out the window, falling deep into thought.

If it was Joan that was in the hospital, I’m sure he would be worried sick.

“Are you feeling better?” Larry asked in a professional manner.

“Yes, much better,” Della replied indifferently without looking at him. She was cognizant that he was not here on his own will.

“Della, I would like to apologize to you on Joan’s behalf.” Just as he spoke, Larry bowed to her.

What is he apologizing for? Enraged, Della turned around and gave Larry a surprised look.

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