Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2739

Chapter 2739 Stay Away From Jake

That’s right. The only one he cares about is Joan.

“I don’t want to see you. Please leave,” Della snapped.

If he hadn’t brought Joan up, she would still be willing to continue the conversation.

“I’ve seen the video. Joan was behaving impulsively then. So, I hope that you can forgive her,” Larry pleaded.

Forgive her? Impossible! Della sneered with her eyes filled with contempt.

Indeed, Larry doesn’t know the truth behind the video yet.

“Get Joan to apologize to me!” Della screamed as rage filled her eyes.

Although Joan was involved in having her warded, she was still the root cause of her predicament.

After Joan, Dustin, and Abelyn had left the hut that night, Della stayed back and struggled with the man. Somehow by accident, she hit her head on the wall and ended up the way she was.

Hence, it wasn’t her original intention to blame Joan for hurting her as she hadn’t expected such an accident to occur. There was someone manipulating the events behind the scenes.

“Della, when you’re feeling better….”

“No!” Suddenly, she interrupted Larry with a scowl.

When he saw how riled up she was, Larry stop talking mid-sentence.

“Larry, tell me, what is it about Joan that makes you love her?” Della questioned in indignance.

What is it about her that I love? Squinting his eyes, Larry looked out the window at the pitch-black sky and fell into deep thought.

I love everything about her. Her smile, cries, foolishness, innocence, naivety, kindness…

Subconsciously, Larry broke out into a smile.

Nevertheless, he would still be enraged by the thought of Dustin and Caiden. After all, jealousy was also a form of anger.

“Love needs no reason,” Larry plainly commented.

Staring at Larry from her bed, a cold glint flashed in Della’s eyes.

“Alright, since you’re fine. I’ll take my leave then.” Just as he spoke, Larry turned to leave.

Grabbing his arm, Della carefully asked, “Where are you going?”

“Back to my country,” Larry replied with so much conviction that he left no room for doubt.

Before he came, he told Joan that he was on a business trip as a precaution. But now that Della was recovering well, there was nothing for him to worry about anymore.

Nevertheless, he wasn’t sure when Joan would come clean with him. Heaving a sigh, his face was filled with sadness.

“Larry, is there really no chance for us to be together?” Della asked in tears.

“Della, we can be good friends and even business partners. But, we can never be lovers or husband and wife…” Della was nothing more to say given how serious Larry’s reply was.

She assumed she could leverage on the accident to malign Joan in Larry’s eyes, so that he would throw himself at her. But now, it was obvious that the situation was not as simple as she had thought.

“Rest well for now. As for the matters back home, I’ll help you deal with them.”

Larry’s tone was calm and devoid of any emotion.

“Will you not hold it against me?” Della carefully probed with her eyes fixated on him.

Blame her? Larry snorted. The one I should be blaming is Jake.

“I know you have been manipulated by someone else into doing this.”

For some reason, Della was moved by the sight of Larry. However, she still couldn’t let go of her hatred for Joan.

With a stern expression, Larry declared resolutely, “Della, let me give you a piece of advice. You should stay away from Jake as he is a really dangerous man.”

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