Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2740

Chapter 2740 You Just Cannot Have Your Way

Della was already well aware of that.

“I know.” Della turned away from Larry.

“Don’t do anything foolish anymore and just focus on taking good care of yourself. As for your differences with Joan, I hope you can resolve them peacefully.”

After so many years, Larry was tired of the dog-eat-dog nature of the business world. By now, all he hoped for was for the people close to him to be safe.

After watching Larry walk away, Della lowered her head. A terrifying look appeared in her eyes as she gritted her teeth.

Her love for Larry would never change, just like her hatred for Joan would never disappear.

But, is it really a good idea to work with Jake? Della began to have her reservations.

After such a long time, she had gotten to know Jake better and naturally felt like backing out from their cooperation.

Jake was heartless and cruel. Hence, he was willing to do anything to achieve his objectives which were something Della couldn’t tolerate.

She figured that there might be room for them to work together in business. But at a personal level, it was better not to.

Della looked up at the ceiling and stared blankly at it.

Ring! Ring!

Her phone rang on the table beside her. When she saw who it was, she answered it at once.

“When are you coming home? Haven’t you messed around enough?”

Over the phone, Della could hear her dad’s sharp tone.

Thrusting her chin in the air, Della asked in defiance, “What is it? Is there something you want with me?”

“Mmm-hmm. Indeed…” her dad replied casually.

“What? A matchmaking session? No! I won’t go!” Just as she spoke, Della was about to end the call.

“It’s not a matchmaking session. We’re all just gathering for a meal, that’s all. You must be there!”

No one was allowed to challenge her dad’s ultimatum.

“Dad, I don’t want to see them…” Della mumbled with an upset expression.

“I know you don’t like them. But, you have to show your face at the very least.” With that, he ended the call.

What’s wrong with him? Della’s eyes were filled with sadness as she glared at her phone.

In recent years, her dad was constantly on the lookout for a suitable husband for her. However, none of them met her standards until she accidentally met Larry.

Her dad was an experienced businessman and was naturally understanding. Aware that Larry loved someone else, he knew he couldn’t force Larry to marry his daughter. It was just that Della refused to give up and insisted on marrying Larry. Hence, she ended up with her repeated schemes to steal Larry away.

“Dad, why do you need me back so urgently? Is it really because of the dinner?” Della retorted with a pout.

Looking at her intently, Della’s dad advised, “Della, you are my only child. You just can’t have your way all the time.”

In truth, Della was aware of this point since she was young.

She knew that she would one day inherit the family business. Also, she was cognizant that the business world was no different than a warzone. The only difference was that no blood was spilled. However, it was still filled with plots and traps.

Della’s expression suddenly changed as she asked seriously, “Dad, must I really go?”

“You must.”

The tone of his reply caused Della to understand the gravity of the situation. Thereafter, she quickly ran upstairs and into her room.

Although the dinner was not important to her personally, it was a crucial event for their family.

Meanwhile, after Larry returned to the country, he didn’t go straight home. Instead, he went to Norton Corporation.

At the office, he felt comforted by the fact that everyone there was busy working.

It wasn’t too long ago when many of them were protesting against his decision to enter the fashion industry. Some even went as far as to quit.

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