Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2741

Chapter 2741 I Am Really Busy

As of today, the employees that were left were all his loyal followers.

Caspian barged into his office and greeted him, “Larry, you’re back.”

“Yes, I am,” Larry replied as he unpacked.

“How is Ms. Duff? Is she better?” Caspian’s asked with a nosy glint in his eye.

“She was doing well and will be fine.” Larry’s calm reply surprised Caspian.

“Larry, could Ms. Duff have made a mistake?”

“I still have work to do. You should head out first,” Larry interrupted him with a wave.

When he saw how busy Larry was, Caspian quietly slipped out of the office.

Since when did Caspian become so nosy? He hasn’t even resolved his own problems and yet tries to involve himself in mine. Looking at Caspian’s silhouette, Larry couldn’t help but shake his head.

In truth, Larry was still waiting for Joan to explain herself over hurting Della.

However, Joan was waiting for Larry to admit his mistake and reconcile with her.

Despite having their respective dilemmas, neither of them was willing to express it.

As Joan was busy setting up her flower shop, she had no time to think about other things. Hence, she didn’t even know that Larry had returned to the country.

Circling around the shop, Joan looked at Jessica and asked, “What do you think? Is it alright?”

The moment Jessica stepped into the shop, she couldn’t take her eyes away from the centerpiece bouquet in front of her.

“It’s gorgeous!” Jessica couldn’t stop repeating.

“Joan, you’re really amazing!” Jessica clasped her hands together and looked on in admiration.

“Nonono, I didn’t do this alone. I got a lot of help from Ms. Young,” she explained respectfully.

Just as expected from someone who is an excellent gardener. Even the placement of the centerpiece was carefully considered. Jessica exclaimed to herself as she brush her fingers over the bouquet.

“Do you like it? It will be my gift to you.”

“Nono, Joan, I can’t accept it. They will die in my hands. It’s better to leave it here.” Jessica waved her hands to reject it.

“Here I come!”

Delilah greeted them as they approached.

“Ms. Young, you seem delighted today,” Jessica commented with a smile.

“That’s right. We will be having our opening tomorrow.”

Scanning the surroundings, Jessica felt that they had done up the place quite well. Putting on a gentle expression, she heaved a sigh of relief.

Pulling Joan aside, she carefully informed, “Larry is back, do you know?”

“What are the both of you whispering about? Are you worried that an old lady like me can hear your secrets?” Delilah asked with a curious smile.

“Not at all, Ms. Young. I was just worried about disturbing you,” Jessica quickly explained so as to change the topic.

Looking at Joan, she suggested anxiously, “Larry is at Norton Corporation. Aren’t you going to see him?”

“What for?” Joan pretended not to care.

“Joan, are you crazy? Now that someone has framed you. You must clear your name in the right way,” Jessica asserted sternly causing Joan to grow nervous.

Turning around with her finger lifted, Joan insisted, “I’m not going. He can think whatever he wants. After all, I’m innocent.”

“Joan oh Joan, can you just stop making a fuss?”

“Who’s is the one making a fuss? Definitely not me. He was the one who started it!”

Her words caused Jessica to be dumbfounded.

In truth, it was indeed Larry’s fault.

“Joan, why don’t you just give him a chance…” Jessica continued to persuade her as she pushed Joan’s arm.

“I’m really busy as there’s a lot to do here in the shop. We’ll talk again when I’m done.” Joan’s expression was icy cold.

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