Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2743

Chapter 2743 Buying An Ice Cream

She was enraged, causing Larry to be stunned.

He didn’t expect to her to say such a thing at all.

She doesn’t have faith in my love for her.

“Joan, you obviously know that I won’t marry anyone else but you.”

Suddenly, she shook his hand away and roared, “No, I don’t!”

“Don’t come and bug me anymore, alright? Whatever that’s going on between you and Della, you should solve it yourself. Whether she lives or dies, it has nothing to do with me at all!” With that, Joan stormed out.

Since when did she become so impulsive? Watching her busy herself, Larry clasped his hands while feeling uneasy.

“Joan, why won’t you admit what you have done? Della has the evidence to prove it…” Larry continued as she went after her. His tone was filled with helplessness.

She sprang to her feet and snapped, “Fine, show it to me!”

After a slight hesitation, Larry took out his phone and showed her the video.

So, that’s what happened. Watching the video on the phone, Joan suddenly understood everything. No wonder Larry didn’t believe me.

Comparatively, Larry was a calm and rational person. He wouldn’t easily trust anyone without solid evidence.

“Haha…” Suddenly, Joan burst into laughter.

Larry grew concerned when he saw her hysterical reaction.

Grabbing her arms, Larry asked anxiously, “Joan, what’s wrong? Why are you laughing?”

“Larry, this is not what happened! The truth is that she kidnapped me, and then an old man appeared…” Joan explained while laughing at the same time.

I can’t believe Della twisted the facts!

“Joan, tell me clearly what happened.” Larry began to feel nervous.

“Larry, after being together for so long, have you ever seen me harm anyone? Do you still not trust who I am?”

He was definitely aware of how kind a person she was. It was just that he needed to give Della and her family an explanation.

“Is there something bugging you?” Joan asked warily all of a sudden.

“No.” Larry shook his head with a smile.

He believed everything Joan had said. However, he didn’t intend to let the matter end there.

“There’s no need to investigate. Just let it rest,” Joan suggested helplessly.

“No! Della wants to harm you and you cannot imagine how serious this matter is,” Larry explained.

He knew Della’s temperament very well. As long as she hadn’t achieved her objective, she would not give up that easily.

It was the same for her in both business and her personal life.

Tilting her head, Joan probed, “In that case, why don’t you just marry her?”

“Joan, stop spouting nonsense!” Larry reprimanded.

“She even called me to tell me that both of you are getting married and that she wanted me to be her bridesmaid…”

Although she sounded nonchalant, Joan’s emotions had already gone through hell.

“Alright, stop it!” Larry interrupted her angrily.

Fine. I’ll stop it then. Putting down her tools, she headed to the break room.

“Where are you going?” Behind her, Larry sounded worried.

“Buying ice cream!”

After all this time, she still loves ice cream. A smile broke out on his face.

She hasn’t changed at all and has always been the same.

Consequently, Larry made a call on his phone. “Help me investigate something…”

He knew he needed evidence.

As long as he could prove Joan didn’t hurt Della, her father would no longer put them in a spot.

“Hey, this one’s for you.” Just as she spoke, Joan handed Larry an ice cream.

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