Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2744

Chapter 2744 I Want It

After glancing at the one he loved and at the ice cream he was holding, Larry felt a sense of bliss.

Ever since the misunderstanding between Joan and Larry was cleared up, their relationship improved significantly. Anyone who saw them would be envious.

“Sigh, Joan, why don’t you and Larry get a room?” Jessica mumbled jealously.

“Should we?” Joan asked as she stuffed a fruit into Larry’s mouth.

“No,” Larry added with a smile.

Watching them, Jessica could only shake her head with sigh. Damn these two. When they are fighting, they would be at each other’s throats. When they aren’t, they would stick together like glue.

“It’s better if I leave. Your public displays of affection are too jarring for me.” Just as she spoke, Jessica stood up to leave.

Joan caught up with her and pacified her, “Come on, don’t be like that. Why don’t we go shopping together?”

“Really?” Jessica asked and she gave Joan a doubtful look.

“Of course. Shall we go now?” Just as she spoke, Joan grabbed her bag.

“Here.” Suddenly, Larry handed Joan a card.

Joan was stunned. “I have money.”

“Just take it. Why make a fuss?” Jessica grabbed Larry’s card and ran out.

Looking at her silhouette walking away, Larry couldn’t help but smile. Jessica may be fickle at times, but she will never come up short when it counts.

With that, both women entered the mall.

Inside the mall, it was filled with people who were shopping enthusiastically.

“Hey, I’ll let you in on a secret. I just bought a limited edition bra. It’s really sexy.”

“Really? What colour is it?”

The women beside them chatted happily. After all, women do go crazy when shopping. But it seemed that they would be struck by a sense of regret.

“What? Twenty thousand? Isn’t it a waste to spend so much on a bra?”

“True. It does feel very expensive.”

Standing right beside, Jessica glanced at them and then at Joan. With a nosy expression, she whispered in Joan’s ear, “Since they can’t afford it, why buy it in the first place?”

It was the nature of women to compare themselves against each other.

“Alright, alright, let’s just mind our own business.” Just as she spoke, she dragged Jessica out of the shop. However, they didn’t know what was in store for them.

The lady who bought the twenty thousand bras went back right away.

“I want to buy a tie for Caspian,” Jessica remarked as she walked into a men’s clothing store. Luckily, the store had the latest suits and ties on display. Hence, Jessica and Joan didn’t need to waste time hunting around.

“Does this look good?” Jessica asked Joan in delight.

“Pretty good.” Joan nodded in agreement.

Once they were done buying clothes for the men, they went back to the lingerie store, which was their favorite.

Pointing at the bras on display, Jessica asked with a nosy expression, “Joan, what color do you like?”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Joan nudged Jessica’s arm in embarrassment.

“What’s there to be shy about? We’re all women here.” A cheeky smile broke out on her face.

Meanwhile, the lady who bought the expensive bra earlier sneaked back into the shop and put the bra back to its original place.

“Hey! Joan, look!” Jessica exclaimed as she pointed at the shimmering bra.

Joan turned around as saw the bra adorned with glittering diamonds and a sensuous-looking cut.

Both the women were stunned.

“I want it!” Jessica uttered in shock, ignoring the excited gaze of the one standing beside her. Finally, someone wants to buy this bra!

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