Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2745

Chapter 2745 The Stolen Bra

“Isn’t this expensive?” Joan casually commented while squirming her lips.

“Sigh, Joan, you have to remember that you’re Larry’s girl. As his wife, you can never say the word ‘expensive’.” Just as she spoke, Jessica walked over. Pointing to the bra, she asked excitedly, “Miss, how much is this?”

The lady standing beside the bra was stunned. She thinks that I’m one of the sales staffs.

Taking a deep breath, the lady contained her anger and forced herself to smile. “Hello, Miss, this is a limited edition bra and costs twenty-five thousand.”

Joan was stunned by what she heard.

Twenty-five thousand?

“Let’s just go, it’s too expensive.” Joan tugged at Jessica’s sleeve. However, Jessica didn’t feel it was expensive at all because she was born with a silver spoon.

“I’ll take it!” Jessica declared.


Very quickly, the transaction was settled.

However, Joan and Jessica felt it strange when the staff wanted cash from them. Furthermore, she didn’t need them to go to the counter to pay, saying that it would save time.

“Wouldn’t there be any problems?” Joan asked Jessica in a worried tone.

“I don’t think so. I come here often and know the staff well. Also, I’ve done this before but not with cash. This is the first time though.” Although they had their doubts, they didn’t think too much about it. Instead, they were delighted with the bra in their hands.

“Caspian will definitely love this color.”

When she saw how Jessica was swooning, Joan shook her head as she felt embarrassed on her behalf. Although it is expensive, all that matters is that she likes it and is happy with it.

Just when they were about to leave, the sales attendant called out to stop them. Smiling cordially, she reminded, “Ms. Zimmer, you have yet to pay for that. Please come to the counter to do so.”

Jessica tilted her at the sales attendant and asserted, “I just paid for it.”

“Ms. Zimmer, I’m sorry. You haven’t. Perhaps, you have confused it with something else.” The sales attendant maintained her smile professionally.

What’s going on? Can it be that the lady wasn’t one of the staff?

Suddenly, Jessica and Joan were shocked.

“Ms. Zimmer, actually, this bra has been sold. Where did you get it from?” The sales attendant gave both of them a puzzled look.

What’s going on? Did we see a ghost? Jessica had a troubled expression on her face.

“Erm, we did pay for it. Is this bra…” Joan helped Jessica explain the situation, worried that there would be any misunderstandings.

Very quickly, the staff checked the security cameras and verified that the lady who sold Jessica the bra didn’t work there.

Jessica and Joan exchanged glances. It was beyond their wildest imagination that something like that could have happened.

Meanwhile, the lady who sold the bra to them fled after leaving the store.

“Stop!” Suddenly, an unfamiliar female voice called out to her.

“Lucinda?” The woman in front stopped in her tracks.

“How do you know my name?”

“You don’t need to know that. All you should know is that I have a job for you and it pays very well…”

Suddenly, Lucinda’s eyes sparkled in anticipation.

Half an hour later, Lucinda found Jessica and Joan. Running over, she grabbed onto Joan’s arm and screamed desperately, “Help! Help!”

“What are you doing?” Joan struggled to free herself as she looked at Lucinda angrily.

“How dare you ask me about what I’m doing? Help! Help!”

Soon, a crowd of female shoppers began to gather.

“Everyone, please be my judge. I bought the bra but it was snatched from me by this woman just because her husband is someone powerful,” Lucinda screamed as she sobbed.

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