Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2746

Chapter 2746 You Can Have It

What sort of trap is this? Jessica glared at the lady skeptically.

Finally, she managed to recall who the lady was.

“Aren’t you the sales attendant who sold me the bra just now?”

Jessica’s words put Lucinda on edge.

“How dare you accuse me of being a sales attendant? I’m a white-collared worker, alright?” Lucinda shot a glare at Jessica.

Is that so? Jessica had her doubts.

No, this must be a plot!

“Get up and tell the truth! Who are you and what do you want? Also, I was the one who bought the bra and it has nothing to with Joan. Do not cause trouble here!” Jessica’s fearsome tone struck fear into Lucinda who was hugging Joan’s thigh.

I’m going all out! After all, she had already made such a big fuss. If she backed away now, she would not only be humiliated but also unable to claim her reward from the employer.

“I’m a consumer! I’m also the bra’s owner! How can you snatch it from me just like that?”

“But I paid you for it!”

“No! You didn’t pay me!”

This must be a con!

Jessica quickly understood that Lucinda was trying to scam them.

“Ms. Zimmer, I know that you are a well-mannered person who won’t do something as despicable as this. Hence, it must be her that instigated you to do it, am I right?” Lucinda raised her voice while pointing at Joan.

What the hell? What is she trying to do? At that moment, Jessica was puzzled.

However, Joan realized that Lucinda was actually targeting her instead.

It was just that she couldn’t for the life of her recall ever seeing Lucinda before.

“Who sent you?” Joan knelt down and questioned her.

“That’s none of your business. After all, you are at my mercy now!” Lucinda sneered.

As the crowd grew larger, the commotion among them became louder.

“Isn’t that Larry’s wife?”

“What? That’s Larry’s ex-wife. They haven’t remarried. If they did, it would be a disgrace to him.”

“How can Larry have fallen for such a despicable lady?”

With dispassionate expressions, the ladies surrounding them made snide comments repeatedly.

“Stop spewing lies! The truth isn’t like that at all!” Jessica dashed toward them and screamed. However, no one listened to her explanation and no one was willing to defend Joan.

Lucinda looked at Joan with a smug smile on her face.

Somewhere nearby, Della was watching everything. Clenching her fists, a wicked glint sparkled in her eye.

Joan, you are now a disgrace!

Della stared at her with disdain.

“The security feed. Let’s check the security feeds!” Just as she spoke, Jessica dragged Lucinda off the ground toward the lingerie store.

Initially, she had assumed that Lucinda would back off out of fear. Contrary to her expectations, Lucinda stood up confidently and headed toward the store instead.

For some reason, Joan was filled with dread.

When the security feeds were played, it didn’t show the scene where Jessica paid Lucinda and it was blocked by one of the mannequins.

“Look, I’m not lying, alright?” Lucinda gloated.

The group of nosy women crowded over and stared at the security feed together.

“That’s Joan! She was the one who ordered Ms. Zimmer to do this!” Lucinda brazenly added. In the video, Joan was indeed whispering something in Jessica’s ear. However, she was actually telling Jessica not to buy it.

“Shut up! Stop your lies!” Jessica threw the bra in her hand away.

“I don’t want this anymore. You can have it.”

Jessica was pissed.

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