Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2748

Chapter 2748 This Is Ridiculous

“Joan! Come out right now! Quick, what’s all this about?” Delilah bellowed, banging on the door.

“Ms. Young, let me sleep for a while longer. I’m really tired. Furthermore, there’s nothing much to do today,” Joan yelled languidly from her bed as she covered her head with her blanket.

“No! You have to come out right now! I have something to ask you.” Delilah didn’t let up.

Finally, after a long while, Joan crawled out of bed in her pajamas before staggering to the door. Scratching the back of her head, she asked, “Ms. Young, what is it?”

“See for yourself!” Just as she spoke, Delilah stuffed the newspaper into Joan’s arms.

“What is this?” She looked puzzled with her eyes half open.

“You’ll know once you read it.” With that, Delilah turned toward the sofa and sat down. Foolish girl, what have you done yesterday to be slandered to this extent by the reporters?

“What the…” Joan exclaimed when she saw the headlines.

“Explain yourself.” Delilah cleared her throat.

“What’s there to explain? This isn’t what happened at all!” Joan scowled. She decided not to pursue the matter yesterday but didn’t expect it to blow up instead.

“I know. What I meant was tell me what really happened. How did you get into such an altercation in the first place?”


Without even washing her face, Joan settled down beside Delilah and related to her what had happened.

Having quickly understood the situation, Delilah furrowed her eyebrows and asked, “What do you plan to do?”

What else can I do? After being maligned to this extent, can I even salvage my reputation? Joan was overwhelmed with frustration.

“Organize a press conference and explain the truth to the public,” Delilah suggested.

Wouldn’t that be overreacting? Joan raised her head and gave Delilah a doubtful look.

“I feel that at this stage, everyone has forgotten what happened…” She shrugged her shoulders in hesitation.

“Indeed. Everyone has forgotten what happened but your filthy reputation has been seared into their minds,” Delilah quickly reminded her.

That’s true, but…

She didn’t feel the matter was as complicated as Delilah made it out to be.

At that moment, Larry was sitting in his office, leisurely going through the papers. It wasn’t until he saw the headline about Joan that rage seized upon him.

Suddenly, he barked coldly, “Caspian!”

The staff outside his office were given a sudden fright. Jolted into attention, they quickly busied themselves with work.

“What’s going on with Mr. Norton?”

“I don’t know. And I don’t want to speculate about his business.”

“However, his scream was really frightening.”

A few of the staff were gossiping in the corner with nosy expressions.

“Larry, you called?” Caspian responded as he hurried in. Looking at Larry, he stood at attention and waited for his instructions.

“Go and get to the bottom of this!”

Joan threw the newspaper at Caspian.

Having read the contents, Caspian’s expression darkened.

This is ridiculous! Since when does Joan need to snatch a bra from someone? Which idiotic reporter wrote it?

“Alright, I understand, Larry.” Caspian left the office at once.

“I want an answer by today!” Larry’s seething voice rang out from his office. Who is the b*stard that crossed the line by hurting my girl.


Soon, everyone read about the news in the papers, including Jessica, Nancy, Dustin, Abelyn, and Jake.

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