Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2749

Chapter 2749 It Was Just An Accident

Ring! Ring!

Joan’s phone couldn’t stop ringing the whole day.

“Joan, what happened? Who did you offend?” Nancy asked anxiously over the phone.

“I never offended anyone?” Joan tried her best to explain.

“Someone must be out to get you. Joan, don’t worry, with us around, we won’t allow you to suffer!”

Joan ended the call helplessly. Not long later, it was Jake who called with an insidious tone. “Joan, congratulations, you are famous now.”

Joan was cognizant of what he was insinuating. Not in the mood to argue, she plainly thanked him before preparing to end the call.

Suddenly, Jake uttered in desperation, “Don’t end my call yet.”

What does he want now? Joan held up her phone impatiently. She didn’t end the call but neither did she say a word. All she did was wait to hear what Jake had to say.

“Tell me, were you trying to avoid me when you left the country the last time?” Jake got straight to the point with an icy tone. However, he wasn’t able to hide his inexplicable nervousness.

Without a doubt, the answer was yes.

“Jake, can you not be so full of yourself?” Joan replied in a cordial manner.

“Just tell me yes or no.” Jake sounded upset.

“No,” Joan answered resolutely.



Jake was skeptical of her answer. After all, she didn’t do anything while being overseas.

“Do you remember what I told you before? It will always apply…”

Joan understood what Jake’s twisted thoughts about her were. However, she would never agree with what he suggested.

“Jake, don’t contact me anymore.” With that, she ended the call.

She really is cruel. Staring at his phone, Jake’s gaze darkened dramatically. He was filled with rage as he clenched his fists.

I will never give up!

Over at the other end, Joan sat on the sofa and stared blankly at the sky, feeling depressed.

Delilah had already gone to the flower shop. However, Joan chose not to go as she was worried that she would be hounded by reporters.

Knock! Knock!

“Who is it?” Joan got up to ask. However, she didn’t hear any movements from outside.

“Who?” she repeated as she walked over to open the door.

“Everyone! Joan is here!”

The cry attracted the attention of all the reporters.

“Ms. Watts, hello, may I know what was going through your mind then…”

“Hi, Ms. Watts, as the ex-wife of Norton Corporation’s president, why did you snatch someone else’s…”

When she saw the horde of reporters and the swarm of cameras, Joan suddenly felt giddy. What’s going on? Massaging her temples, she was distressed by the situation.

“Ms. Watts, please answer my question.”

“Ms. Watts, say something!”

As the reporters pressed on with their shouts, their pressure caused Joan to feel distraught. Unable to keep herself together, she collapsed onto the ground.

“Move aside!” Suddenly, a familiar voice rang out in her ear.

Is it Larry?

The moment she woke up, she was lying in the hospital.

“You’re awake,” Dustin remarked as he tucked her in.

“Dustin, why are you here?” Looking at him, Joan felt her headache relieved. She figured it was because she had managed to escape the reporters.

“You fainted just now. What happened yesterday? How did you end up in the news?” Dustin asked in a worried tone.

“It was just an accident. But I didn’t expect someone to blow it out of proportion.”

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