Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2750

Chapter 2750 A New Rumor

Joan explained in a chagrined voice, telling Dustin the truth of the matter and everything that transpired. Of course, Dustin chose to believe her despite the intense public opinion then. It was fortunate that she wasn’t a public figure. If she were a celebrity or actress, her life would be really miserable in the future.

“It’s okay. Everything will be fine after some time.” The person on the hospital bed feigned an expression of nonchalance as she snacked on some fruits.

Nevertheless, Dustin naturally knew that Joan’s emotions were actually a chaotic mess right then. He stared at her thoughtfully. “Have you investigated this matter? And who exactly orchestrated everything?”

“I don’t know, but perhaps this is all a coincidence.” Joan shook her head as she mulled it over. I’ll stop brooding over it if it was merely a coincidence, but I’m just worried that someone will continue hassling me.

As a matter of course, there was someone whom she suspected at heart, but she wasn’t certain of her culpability yet.

In fact, it was none other than Della. However, at the thought that she didn’t return to Chanaea, doubt crept into her…

“Could it be Ms. Duff?” Dustin questioned warily, his brows furrowed.

“I have no idea.” Joan shook her head. Likewise, she wore a frown as she contemplated other possibilities. Unbeknownst to them, their entire interaction was being recorded.

Therefore, a new rumor spawned.

Joan Watts is a two-timer!

Joan Watts has a wandering eye!

The condemnations on the Internet skyrocketed, so much so that Joan no longer dared to leave the house anymore. Conversely, Dustin wasn’t at all bothered, probably because he was already accustomed to such a thing.

“What on earth is happening, Dustin? Rumors between you and Joan are really flying all over the place,” Abelyn grumbled irately as she flipped through the newspaper.

“It’s over between me and Joan,” Dustin stated placidly while munching on an apple.

“Over, you said? Look at this! All this is gossip of you both!”

Hearing that, Dustin instantly stood up and stalked over to Abelyn. The moment he glimpsed the contents of the newspaper in her hands, his expression contorted with rage. “Who the hell wrote such a disgusting thing? We’ve never done anything so sordid!”

After saying that, he tossed the newspaper in his hand right into the trash can at the side.

“Why did you do that? I wasn’t done reading!” Abelyn then picked it up again.

“Quit reading. It’s all lies, so don’t jump on the bandwagon!” Dustin gritted, his expression vicious.

“Well, there’s no smoke without a fire, and nothing comes of nothing,” Abelyn joked, throwing him a glance.

Meanwhile, at Norton Corporation, Larry appeared regal as he languidly stirred his coffee on the sofa.

But as soon as he saw a certain piece of news in the newspaper, his calm and unruffled demeanor immediately vanished.

“Larry!” Caspian barged in with an anxious expression.

“Did you see that piece of news? Should I do something about it?” he inquired tentatively after taking a deep breath to compose himself. If he were to do something, the gossip would never see the light of day anymore.

“No, let her handle it by herself,” Larry replied in a voice devoid of all warmth.

He had been waiting for Joan’s call, yet she never called him…

As the matter grew increasingly complicated, Joan stopped going to the flower shop and Delilah’s house. Instead, she rented a place outside and lived alone.

Of course, that was merely a short-term plan, for she would still return to her previous routine when the matter had blown over.

“When are you coming back, Joan?” Delilah sounded rather anxious on the phone.

“I’m not coming back tonight, Ms. Young.”

In a flash, Delilah’s guard went up. What is she planning to do now?

“I’ll live outside for some time first, Ms. Young,” Joan hastily explained with a nervous expression on her face.

Oh, so that’s her plan. Breathing a sigh of relief, Delilah’s taut expression eased significantly.

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