Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2751

Chapter 2751 Delilah Lost Her Temper

After Joan and Delilah had exchanged a few more words, they then hung up the phone.

“Where did Mom go, Grandma? Why isn’t she home yet?” Lucius asked worriedly while seated on the sofa in the living room.

“There’s something she has to handle recently, so she has gone on a business trip.” Delilah gently patted him on the head. I wonder whether the matter has been resolved and how is Joan faring right now.

After all, she knew Joan all too well. She was aware that Joan was the kind of person who never wanted others to worry, so even if she had claimed that everything was fine, Delilah was still worried.


The door swung open, heralding Larry’s return.

“Dad!” Lucius threw himself into Larry’s arms.

Picking him up, Larry promptly turned to the side and looked at Delilah. “Is she not home yet?” he queried.

“No,” Delilah murmured as she shook her head. Then, she glanced at Lucius, who was in his arms.

Larry naturally understood her meaning, so he carried Lucius into the room before coming out. Subsequently, Delilah explained, “She wants to stay elsewhere for some time.”

“Okay.” Surprisingly, Larry didn’t object to it. Since reporters have been here, it’s only natural that she hides out elsewhere for some time. Besides, it isn’t anything positive. After being misunderstood for such a long time, her reputation will definitely be marred even if she manages to prove her innocence in the end.

“Larry, how about you lend her a hand…” Delilah suggested haltingly.

“I believe that she can handle it by herself.” As Larry said that, he strode into the adjacent bedroom.

Joan is no longer the kind and naive girl she once was. Having established a flower shop now, she has many goals to be accomplished one by one, so she needs to firm up her capabilities and mental aptitude.

When the warm sunlight hit the ground through the window the next day, Delilah simply straightened the house before heading to the flower shop.

No sooner had she unlocked the door and flipped the open sign over when a horde or people charged in.

“Is this Joan Watts’ flower shop?”

“Is Joan Watts the owner?”

“Where has Joan Watts disappeared to?”

Their scornful expressions had Delilah shuddering. What are they trying to do here?

“I’d advise you to close down this place!”

“Hear, hear! Why is she running a flower shop considering her repugnant character?”

The crowd’s voices increased in volume as their censure escalated.

“Shut up!” Finally, Delilah snapped. “If you want to buy flowers, you’re welcome to do so. Otherwise, get the f*ck out of here!”

That was the first time she had truly lost her temper.

In the next moment, everyone went silent, and the atmosphere became awkward. None of them had ever expected such an outburst from the seemingly gentle and delicate woman.

“Quick, let’s go!”

“She’s no easy prey, so let’s hightail it out of here!”

“Why is she so fierce? We weren’t castigating her…”

In no time, Delilah was the only one left in the flower shop.

Hah! How ridiculous! She then closed the door, still very much worked up.

Meanwhile, all that was witnessed by Joan in a corner a stone’s throw away from the entrance of the flower shop. She wore a mask and kept her head lowered. Unbidden, she then heaved a sigh. It looks like they’re not planning to let me go! What kind of deep-seated grudge does the person behind this harbor against me that necessitates such ruthless means?


“Ahh!” Joan jumped at the voice that rang out from behind her.

“It’s me! It’s me, so don’t be afraid!” Nancy slipped off her sunglasses at once.

“Nancy? Why are you here?” Surprised, Joan looked at her dubiously.

“I’m here to look in on you.” Nancy flashed her a smile. Immediately after, she blurted, “Have you found that woman?”

“Yeah, but she took off,” Joan answered helplessly.

Damn it all to hell! Who on earth is doing such a despicable thing? Nancy clenched her hands tightly, her gaze as sharp as a hawk’s.

“Come, let’s find a place and figure out a solution to this problem.” As she said that, she dragged Joan along.

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