Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2753

Chapter 2753 Confronting Abelyn

“I’m here to look in on you.” Dustin brandished the bag in his hand at Joan. He was worried that Joan would go hungry, so he went to the supermarket and bought her a lot of things.

“You didn’t have to buy me so many things. I can take care of myself,” Joan murmured as she bustled about.

“Don’t worry about it. I had nothing to do, so I went shopping,” Dustin replied awkwardly, chuckling. He knew that she merely didn’t want to accept any favors from him for no reason.

“When are you going back?” he then asked out of the blue.

That was a question that demanded extensive deliberation. Upon hearing that, Joan tilted her head, and a trace of indecision manifested in her eyes. I have no idea when I’ll go back either. The thing is, I don’t know when this scandal will fizzle out.

“We’ll see how it goes.”

“Why don’t you ask Larry to help you?” Dustin couldn’t quite understand that since it would be a piece of cake for Larry to resolve this issue considering his influence.

“I want to try my hand at it first. If I truly can’t settle it, I’ll then go and seek his help,” Joan answered mildly.

Well, that’s… quite a unique approach. They share such an intimate relationship, yet they actually have such a practice, huh? Casting a glance at her, Dustin then lowered his eyes. So, she has never considered asking for my help.

“What is it? Is something else the matter that you sought me out today?” Joan lifted her head, her expression a tad grave.

Indeed, Dustin had another motive in seeking her out, but he hesitated as he contemplated whether he should tell her the truth.

“Well? Just say it. What’s with the hesitation?” Mirth tickled Joan when she noticed his hesitance despite already being here.

“Um… I had a fight with Abelyn.”

That simple utterance had Joan splurting out the water in her mouth. What? Did he just say that he fought with Abelyn? Is he serious? She studied the man before her skeptically. Isn’t he usually very indulgent toward her? Why did they suddenly fight today?

“Why?” she asked seriously after wiping her mouth.

“Because she has fallen hopelessly in love with a man.”

“That’s good news!”

“The thing is, the man is a bartender in a nightclub, and he usually fools around with tons of other women.”

All at once, understanding dawned upon Joan that Dustin was worried about Abelyn being duped.

Nonetheless, she found it strange that Abelyn would fall for a bartender in a nightclub since her type was typically considerate and attentive men.

“Then? What’s the situation now?”

“She wants to move out and live with that bartender instead!” Dustin’s voice dripped with fury.

Good heavens! That fast? Has Abelyn lost her mind? She has just gotten acquainted with the man for a few days, yet she’s already planning to move in with him? No, I must go and dissuade her from doing so!

“Come, let’s go to Abelyn’s house! I want to ask her what exactly she’s thinking!” Sounding frantic, Joan dragged Dustin out of the house as she spoke.

What else could she be thinking? She’s simply going with her feelings and living according to her ideals.

Dustin shook his head before sighing.

In no time, the two of them arrived at Abelyn’s villa.

Knock, knock, knock!

At that moment, Abelyn was sprawled on the sofa in the living room, having a video call with her boyfriend. It was a long time before she finally put her cell phone down and trotted out, probably upon hearing the increasingly urgent banging on the door.

“Who’s there?”

“It’s me!” Joan answered sharply.

Hmm? Joan? Why is she here at this hour? Abelyn’s brows knitted together deeply, and irritation showed on her face. “Why are you here…”

“Abelyn Chipman! What’s wrong with you?” Joan strode into the house and bellowed without waiting for her to finish speaking. Her tone was extremely hostile.

Noticing the outrage on her face, a faint sense of unease flooded Abelyn. What’s wrong with her that she’s so emotional?

“What’s wrong with you, Joan?” she inquired cautiously.

“What’s wrong with me? Abelyn, that’s exactly my question to you!”

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