Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2754

Chapter 2754 Abelyn Slapped Joan

That remark had Abelyn growing anxious. Despite her usual feisty and fearless attitude, the thing she feared most was people getting into her face.

“Well? What exactly happened?” Joan stared at her intently.

Huh? What does she mean? What is she going on about? Baffled, Abelyn wore an expression of puzzlement in hopes that she would give her a hint.

“I’m referring to you and that bartender!” Joan prompted in exasperation.

Oh, is that all? Phew! I thought it was something earth-shattering! Straightening at once, Abelyn cleared her throat before she started narrating the entire story.

“Joan, I got myself a boyfriend a few days ago. He’s a bartender…”

“Okay, okay, that’s enough prefacing. Go to the point! I know all that.” Impatience swamped Joan.

“Oh, right. That bartender is incredibly handsome, and he has a great personality. Besides, he’s gentle and romantic. He’s also very skilled at mixing drinks…”

Abelyn introduced her boyfriend in a besotted manner, her eyes shining with infatuation as though she was immersed in a beautiful memory.

Good God, she’s well and truly under the spell of that bartender! Joan glowered at her while listening to her delusions of a sweet love story. Jeez, she’s really bewitched!

Turning to the side, she looked at Dustin and shrugged helplessly.

Throughout it all, Abelyn continued rambling on and on without ever noticing the displeasure on the faces of the two people at the side. Finally, Joan couldn’t take it anymore.

“Abelyn!” She deliberately raised her voice a few decibels.

“What is it now?” Abelyn wore a confused expression.

“I think you should really consider this matter carefully,” Joan asserted seriously.

“What’s there to consider? I like him, and he likes me as well,” Abelyn countered in a firm voice despite feeling perplexed. Love is something between two people, so it’s fine as long as both parties are consenting, no?

Really? Does that bartender really like her? That might not necessarily be the case.

Approaching her slowly, Joan stared at her solemnly with a trace of suspicion in her eyes.

“Don’t be stupid, Abelyn. Stop lying to yourself. I think you know better than us the character of a bartender. Face the reality, okay?”

Her voice was exceedingly calm without the slightest hint of criticism because she could totally understand her feelings now. Nevertheless, she didn’t agree with her decision.

After all, it was glaringly evident that it was an unequal relationship.

It was indeed true that Abelyn liked that bartender, but the same couldn’t be said for the bartender. At most, he merely regarded her as a plaything to kill time. And the proof of that was in the thorough investigation Dustin had previously conducted on him.

“What are you trying to say, Joan?” Livid, Abelyn’s hands clenched into fists, and she appeared exceedingly worked up.

Why won’t she simply open her eyes and admit the truth? Joan simply couldn’t understand her.

“I’m trying to say that we’re all adults here, so you can’t be so wilful anymore! That bartender doesn’t like you. Can you please snap out of it?”

Slap! A slap landed on Joan’s face.

At once, Joan’s cheek smarted.

“Have you lost your mind, Abelyn?” Dustin yanked Abelyn up from the sofa and plopped down beside Joan. Looking at her in dismay, he panicked and anxiously blurted, “How are you feeling? Does it hurt? And are you okay?”

“I’m fine, so don’t worry. It doesn’t hurt,” Joan reassured awkwardly as she flashed him a smile.

At the side, Abelyn hung her head with a remorseful expression. Oh God, I was simply too impulsive just now!

“Are you out of your mind, Abelyn? What did Joan ever do to you? She merely advised you out of the kindness of her heart, but you just wouldn’t listen!”

Turning to Abelyn, Dustin lambasted her fiercely.

“I’m sorry, Joan. I was just too pissed off earlier…” Abelyn stammered.

“It’s okay, so don’t worry about it.” Joan didn’t take it to heart. She understood her feelings at that moment, so she naturally wouldn’t take offense at her.

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