Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2755

Chapter 2755 I Am Her Boyfriend

“Abelyn, we won’t bother you anymore if you ever act that impulsively again. Just do whatever you want!” Dustin was exceedingly serious when he said that.

Upon hearing that, Abelyn trembled. “I was just too angry earlier…”

“What’s there to be angry about? Wasn’t Joan simply speaking the truth? We couldn’t just look on as you jump into a hellhole, could we?”

“What hellhole? When did I jump into a hellhole? Who said I was jumping into a hellhole?” Abelyn argued relentlessly as she stared Dustin down indignantly.

However, Dustin’s attention was wholly focused on Joan then, so he had no time to entertain her.

“How are you feeling? Do we need to make a trip to the hospital?”

“Don’t worry, I’m fine. It’ll be right as rain tomorrow,” Joan replied while scrutinizing Abelyn’s expression closely.

A long while later, Abelyn pivoted to leave, probably finding the atmosphere awkward.

“Where are you going?” Dustin roared worriedly.

“That’s none of your business!” Abelyn’s answer almost had him bursting a blood vessel.

“Go after her and make sure that nothing happens to her!” Joan urged, nudging him gently.

What would happen to her? She must have gone to look for that bartender, no doubt! Staring at the disappearing figure, Dustin heaved a sigh.

“Hurry up and go after her!” Joan exhorted him to chase after Abelyn, worried that something would happen to her in her emotional state.

Fine, then. Putting down the things in his hands, Dustin sprinted out of the living room. As he ran, he shouted, “Abelyn!”

Nonetheless, he still didn’t see any sign of her after searching for a long time though he wasn’t certain whether she had truly gone far or deliberately hidden.

Hmm? Did her legs really carry her away that fast? Argh! Why is she so worrisome! She must have gone to the nightclub!

Sure enough, Abelyn had gone straight to the nightclub. Dustin likewise arrived there quickly. Joan, on the other hand, was massaging her cheek with an egg to reduce the swelling.

In the nightclub, neon lights strobed and flashed. The atmosphere was extremely lively. The sexy figures, alluring makeup, and intoxicating liquor blended together to create a sensual picture.

Abelyn headed straight to one of the bartenders and requested a drink. Then, she guzzled it down.

“What’s wrong? Are you in a bad mood?” the bartender murmured flirtatiously while hooking a finger under her chin.

“Tell me this—do you really like me?” Abelyn questioned gingerly as she clutched his hand tightly.

Hearing that, the bartender instantly went mum. Dropping his hand, he then continued preparing drinks.

At his reaction, Abelyn’s expression suddenly turned vicious. “Why, do you not have the guts to answer my question? If so, it means you don’t like me!”

Her voice was filled with utter disdain.

“I didn’t answer your question because I’m very busy,” the bartender explained placidly.

What a load of b*llshit! How long does it take to utter a single sentence? Turning away, Abelyn continued drinking.

“Abelyn!” Dustin abruptly appeared in front of her, panting for breath.

Why did he follow me here? Abelyn shot daggers at the man in front of her as fury raged within her.

“Let’s go! I’ll take you home. Joan is still waiting at your place!” While saying that, Dustin dragged her away.

“Let go of me! I’m not leaving!” Abelyn snapped irritatedly.

“Alright, that enough. Stop kicking up a fuss and come with me.”

“I said, I’m not leaving!” Abelyn was already tipsy at that moment.

“Who are you?” The bartender stalked over at once upon hearing the commotion.

“I’m her boyfriend!” Dustin fibbed.

“You’re her boyfriend? Who am I, then?” The bartender looked at him with contempt.

Meanwhile, as Joan’s worry about Abelyn mounted while she sat around at her house, she finally gave in to her impulse and headed to the nightclub. When she arrived, she promptly caught sight of Dustin. “How are things going?”

In response, Dustin merely shook his head without saying anything.

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