Never Late, Never Away Chapter 3094

Chapter 3094 He Is Here

You’re from a wealthy family! You don’t even need the money. Why are you suddenly so engrossed in making them?

Joan shook her head and let out a sigh.

“Joan, please don’t laugh at me for doing this.” Gabriella’s tone suddenly changed.

Huh? What’s there to laugh about? Her wanting to make money with her own abilities?

“What are you talking about. Why would I ever do that?”

“Actually, I’m doing this so that I can prove to my father that, regardless of me losing my memories or having a bad constitution, I can still be independent, that I can still make a living with my own two hands.”

Gabriella was being really serious about it.

Her statement gave Joan so much clarity as she, slowly but surely, worked towards fulfilling her promise with Gabriella.

Not long after. “Yo! You guys actually started up an eatery!” Jessica said as she approached with a nosy expression.

“Eat whatever you want! Everything’s half price for you!” Gabriella pointed towards the food that Joan made. “Dig in!”

Only half price? Seriously? We’re friends!

“Let’s not talk about money. It’s going to ruin our friendship,” Nancy said, making a satisfied expression as she chewed on the food.

“No way! I’m telling you right now. Take note of how much you eat tonight, everything’s half price. I’m not making it free! Joan made these with her blood, sweat, and tears! You guys have to pay at least something,” Gabriella remarked, her face slightly blushed.

Everyone there instantly burst out in laughter.

The news about Joan starting up an eatery spread rather quickly. Everyone in the neighborhood knew about it, including Jake, who naturally had to come and express some form of congratulation.

“Hey, he’s here.” Gabriella grabbed tightly onto the edge of Joan’s shirt, excited to see him.

Huh? Who’s here? Joan raised her head and saw the man not far away, approaching slowly with a blank expression.

It was Jake.

Joan was baffled that Gabriella would fall for a jerk like him, thinking that he was just an ordinary man and that there were men out there that looked way more attractive than him, Larry being one of them.

Joan shook her head and had no other reactions nor response.

“Joan, congratulations.” Jake went straight towards her and placed the bouquet he had on a table to the side.

Gabriella got down and took a whiff at the flower.

“It smells amazing!” She smiled as she stared at Jake.

However, Jake merely smiled and continued to ignore her. His attention was on Joan. “Um… Are you tired? Maybe you should rest for a bit… ”

“Joan’s not tired. She’s actually quite busy,” Gabriella interrupted. “She’s not free to talk right now. If you want, we can talk instead…” She made her intentions clear as day.

The people there that heard her were all gobsmacked.

Bold move! But isn’t it a little too obvious? Nancy took off her sunglasses and watched tentatively as the situation unfolded before her.

When Jake went to the washroom, Nancy went ahead and patted Gabriella’s shoulder. “Hey, have you fallen for him?”

As soon as she finished her Gabriella’s face was flushed to the brim.

And Nancy understood all she needed to know. Oh! She’s even embarrassed about it! So, she took Gabriella by the hand and walked straight ahead.

“Hey. Our beloved Gabriella is interested in that man called Jake Wilson. Give me some ideas,” Nancy told them intentionally. She was not doing it for Gabriella, though, as it was more for Joan.

Nancy figured that if Jake and Gabriella got together, there would be no more issues between Joan and Larry. Having said that, there was an unknown variable in Jake, as Nancy had no idea what was going on in his head.

Everyone present started looking at each other, feeling helpless as they were not acquainted with Jake, nor did they understand Gabriella enough to help her with matchmaking.

Furthermore, Jake had always been in charge of his own life, so Gabriella was, most likely, not the type of woman he would like.

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