Never Late, Never Away Chapter 3095

Chapter 3095 Innocent Love

“I think it’s better if we let the two of them work things out,” Jessica commented quietly, and everyone agreed.

But it actually made things more difficult for Gabriella.

After all, her interaction with Jake was minimal, so she did not know his likes and dislikes, nor did she understand his personality and temper. She knew nothing about him, so it was relatively hard for her to initiate.

Looking at Gabriella’s awkward expression, a sense of nosiness flashed before Joan’s eyes.

“Alright now! Let’s tell her about Jake Wilson and leave the rest to herself,” Joan chimed in, and the others agreed.

“What are you guys doing?” Jake asked after coming back from the washroom. With that, the gathering immediately dispersed.

“It’s nothing,” Joan replied nonchalantly.

Nothing? You guys were obviously discussing something! So, you’re doing things behind my back?

Having said that, Jake figured that it was normal since he was merely an acquaintance. So, it was difficult to strike up any conversation. He did, however, notice that Gabriella was quite different compared to how she was in the past.

“Jake, here you go.” Gabriella approached and offered him a glass of juice. “Are you okay? You didn’t look so well just now.” She was concerned.

“I’m fine,” Jake answered, acting as if nothing happened.

Truth be told, he was, in fact, not feeling well. He had some problems with his stomach in the past, so if he did not eat anything in the morning, his stomach would start acting up by noon. That was why he was in the washroom for so long, to hide that pitiful side of him.

“Are you sure? Maybe you should get it checked out?”

Jake shook his head and left.

Time flew by, and their carefree day was quickly coming to an end. Everyone had a lot of fun, even though Jake’s appearance made things a bit awkward. Nonetheless, no one showed any displeasure towards him as he was Joan’s savior, after all.

Before they dispersed, Gabriella was still feeling reluctant and disappointed. It was because Jake said nothing to her before he left.

“Oh, stop it. It’s just a goodbye. You don’t have to act like this.” Joan patted Gabriella’s arm, slightly annoyed.

Gabriella had that expression on her for quite a long time, and that made Joan unhappy. You’re not in a teen romance, you know. Why be so melodramatic?

After a brief conversation, Gabriella left.

Delilah watched her leave, still mindful of her.

In her eyes, the current Gabriella was the most innocent she would ever be. She had no ill-intent towards others, nor did she have any sinister plots. All she wanted was pure and innocent love and a moderately sized business.

Compared to how she was before, the changes were rather drastic, which did give Larry some sense of relief.

Truth be told, Larry would be extremely anxious if he saw Gabriella and Joan together back then. But things were different now, so he was no longer concerned.

“Hey. Umm… How do we split the profit?” Gabriella asked on the phone.

Under normal circumstances, Joan would get a larger cut of the profit since she made the food, which meant that she contributed more.

But, Joan was not concerned about money.

“We split it in half?” Joan replied immediately.

Huh? Half? Joan’s answer instantly got Gabriella on cloud nine, but she quickly realized how dishonest it was for her.

“Umm… Aren’t you losing out if we do that?” She asked softly.

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