Never Late, Never Away Chapter 3096

Chapter 3096 Seen Her Somewhere

“Why would I be? Even though I was busy in the kitchen, you were also busy at the front desk.”

It somehow made sense, so Gabriella ran her hand through her hair and smiled. “Thank you, Joan!”

Larry, however, had a dark expression on his face as he listened to what was going on.

He was not so much concerned about the distribution of profit. The thing he hated was to hear that his beloved Joan had to work tirelessly in the kitchen. They could have hired some people to man the kitchen and sat in front like how owners usually do.

“What’s the matter?” Joan came to sit beside him.

“Aren’t you guys going to hire some staffs,” Larry asked.

What staffs? We just started, so it’s only natural that we take things slow.

“Don’t worry. I’ll discuss this with Gabriella when business stabilizes after a while,” Joan answered.

What’s there to discuss? Does it even matter if the business is not making a profit? You guys don’t need the money. Everything was Gabriella’s idea, to begin with.

Nonetheless, Joan knew what this eatery meant to Gabriella, so they were determined to push through.

“Mom!” Lucius ran in before Larry could say anything else. The child showed an ample amount of enthusiasm.

“Mom, the class wants to organize a gathering.” Lucius snugged himself under Joan’s arm.

Joan immediately thought of using the eatery as the location, and the two went on to talk about everything involved, completely forgetting that Larry was still there.

Soon enough, Lucius gathered all his classmates together and headed to Joan’s eatery. The gathering was extremely lively as everyone was having fun, even Joan and Gabriella, up until something happened.

“Lucius, I think I’ve seen your mom before.” A boy came to Lucius and whispered into his ear.

What is he talking about? Lucius was puzzled as there were a lot of opportunities for them to see Joan since she attended most of the family-involved school activities.

“I remember now. I saw her in the newspaper once!” The boy shouted all of a sudden and silenced the whole eatery.

Joan had been the victim of several setups back then, so it was only natural for her to appear in newspapers.

“Your mother was a homewrecker, right?” He went on exclaiming and made the scene extremely awkward.

Even Gabriella, who was on the side, was astonished. When was Joan someone’s mistress? She was suspicious.

Joan would never do something like that! There must’ve been a misunderstanding! With that in mind, Gabriella glared at the kids in front of her. She was upset. These brats! All they know how to do is spew nonsense behind people’s backs!

“That’s not true! My mother is not that sort of person! She was framed!” Lucius quickly explained. He knew full well how Joan got framed but let the culprits off because of her kindness.

“You’re lying! Everyone said that you’re mother’s a homewrecker. How can you deny that?” The boy was unrelenting.

It looks that he’s intentionally saying all those nonsense! Right then, Gabriella clenched her fist and walked towards the kids.

“Hey! I own this place. So, if you’re not going to eat, leave! Stop with the nonsense!” She raised her voice at the boy that was causing the commotion.

All the other kids were dumbfounded when they saw Gabriella’s horrifying expression.

“I’m stating the truth here! Why would she get a divorce with that man called Larry if it wasn’t true?” The kid continued his rampage.

The boy got Gabriella even more agitated. You son of a bi***! What do you know? You’re just talking out of your a**!

“Get out!” Gabriella had enough. “Now! I wasn’t going to charge you for Lucius’ sake, but I’m not going let you mess around here!” She pointed at the kids in front of her.

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