Never Late, Never Away Chapter 3097

Chapter 3097 What Would You Like

Free? I never said anything about letting them have free food, though?

Lucius raised his head and looked towards Gabriella. He did not quite get her intentions. Gabriella, on the other hand, merely gestured for him to keep quiet.

“Free? Was this a surprise for us?”

“Yeah, Lucius! That’s awesome!”

A few kids cheered excitedly, and the topic at hand immediately shifted.

At that moment, the only thing Lucius could do was smile, awkward as it may be, and keep quiet. Lo and behold, Joan saw everything that went down from the kitchen and felt really bad.

The free meal was a non-factor as the more important thing was that Lucius’ pride was being stepped on.

When the kids finished the meal, it was already dark outside. So, after sending his classmates off, Lucius immediately ran into the kitchen and locked his gaze onto his mother. He felt extremely uneasy.

“Umm… What happened today, was my fault.” He lowered his head.

What is he talking about? Joan was unconcerned as she had experienced these sorts of things several times by then. Hence, she was only worried about her son at that time.

“Lucius, do you feel indignant?” Joan crouched down and caressed the boy’s head.

Indignant? Why? As long as everyone in the family is safe and happy. I couldn’t care less about all that!

With that in mind, Lucius shook his head.

At the front, Gabriella was busy cleaning up the tables. She had zero intention of telling Joan what just happened. She knew that some things were better left unspoken, even though Joan already found out.

“Gabriella, thank you for helping Lucius out today,” Joan said cautiously.

And Gabriella immediately put down her tools, raised her head, and smiled.

“Treat me to dinner then?”

Hearing that, Joan let out a sigh of relief. She was actually prepared for a nagging, so it was a pleasant surprise to see this sort of reaction.

Treating Gabriella with food was not a problem for Joan.

“What would you like to eat? I’ll make it for you,” she said as she got ready.

“No!” Gabriella suddenly shouted, her eyes fixated on Joan.

Huh? What’s wrong? She loved my cooking, right? Joan looked at Gabriella, confused.

“Your son’s friends cost me quite a fortune just now. It’s only fair if you treat me something equally expensive,” Gabriella raised her chin and exclaimed.

You little… Why do you always have these sorts of ideas! Joan reluctantly nodded and grabbed her arm, getting ready to leave.

Nevertheless, Gabriella was not going to go easy on Joan. Hence, she took out her phone and called Nancy, Jessica, and Abelyn.

In an instant, the restaurant had quite a few more guests.

“Yo! I heard it’s someone’s treat!” Nancy said as she ran over.

“Yeah! Joan here heard that everyone has been really exhausted lately, so she wanted to treat us!” Gabriella made it up on the spot.

Joan, on the other hand, shook her head. Alright then. I’ll let you be.

It had, indeed, turned into a women’s night out.

In the meantime, Larry was going through the documents at his desk in the office, seemingly quite busy. Caspian was clumsily trying to comfort the baby in his hands.

Dustin was discussing some matters regarding work with Jory and had no idea where Abelyn was at the moment.

None of the women told the men about their gathering as they chitter chattered away, laughing excitedly in the private room they got until daybreak.

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