Never Late, Never Away Chapter 3099

Chapter 3099 We Need To Talk

Perhaps he should be honest with Gabriella. After all, the final choice lay in her hands.

The next day, the eatery was closed to the surprise of Gabriella.

Joan sat by the window and smoothed the front of her dress as she waited for Gabriella to emerge from the washroom. Since Larry had been honest, she should be more accepting of the circumstances.

“What’s the situation? Why aren’t you open today?” Gabriella asked as soon as she emerged as she was bursting with curiosity.

“Gabriella, I think we need to talk,” Joan said sternly.

What’s going on? Gabriella looked up and stared bewilderedly at the woman before her. Joan closed the entire eatery just to talk to me? Looks like this is something huge.

“I have known Jake for a long time. I know he had…”

Joan spoke brusquely, and Gabriella was hurt to hear that.

Why? Why did the man she love fall for Joan? Gabriella clasped her hands as her heart wrenched with sadness.

“Don’t worry, I’m going to marry Larry soon,” Joan hurriedly added.

And then what? Does she think that by marrying Larry, she can cause Jake to give up?

No, that’s definitely not going to happen! Though Gabriella had not liaised with Jake, she knew he was a determined person — regardless of whether he was dealing with people or with work.

“Joan, even if you do marry Larry, Jake won’t give up so easily,” Gabriella said calmly as stirred her coffee.

Everybody knew about Jake’s character. He wasn’t easy to deal with, nor was he a chatty sort.

“The reason why I’m telling you all of this is for you to understand Jake’s past. I only see him as my savior.”

Joan had never forgotten that.

Gabriella understood what Joan had confided in her — the latter was still grieving deep in the corners of her heart.

The two women chatted several more minutes before parting ways.

No matter. The past is now history. The days to come will be spent with Jake! Gabriella looked up as she took a deep inhale to calm herself.

Gabriella could truly understand what she felt at that moment; she had always hoped that Jake would be able to be touched by her sincere love. With the passage of time, Joan would be able to move on with her life.

“How was it? Nothing bad, I hope?” Larry asked urgently as he walked towards her.

“Nothing bad. She’ll understand,” Joan answered gently with a laugh.

Yes, she understood. But that did not mean that she would be able to do it. If Jake showed signs of regret in the future, I’m afraid Gabriella will blame me.

Ever since Joan had confided to Gabriella about everything, the latter had become more reticent. Joan was at a loss on what to do.

Sometimes Joan had begun to question if she did the right thing by confessing.

Joan sighed softly and kept up the task at hand.

“Joan!” came Jake’s voice as he stormed in.

“Jake!” Gabriella cried with excitement. She looked very excited, unlike Joan, who was filled with unease at the back kitchen. What is he doing here again?

Joan pretended not to hear anything as she kept busy.

In the living room, Jake felt perplexed by Gabriella’s obliging demeanor. “Where is Joan?” he asked while trying to catch his breath.

Gabriella’s eyes fell as she pursed her lips in displeasure. Since the man stepped through the door, the only name that had been on his lips was Joan’s.

“She’s busy at the back of the kitchen,” Gabriella said sulkily.

Busy with what? Does she know what time it is? She never complains about being tired… Jake wrung his hands in a panic as that thought surfaced in his mind.

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