Never Late, Never Away Chapter 3360

Chapter 3360 Running Into Herman

“Mr. Wilson, they are still waiting for you in the meeting room. They want to know if it’s still on.”

Megan was astounded to hear that. What the heck? Did they wait for that long?

Her astonished gaze landed on Jake, who was unfazed as though this was a normal occurrence here.

“Got it, I’m coming over now.”

Jake shot Megan an apologetic look as he hung up. “I’m sorry. I forgot I still have to attend a meeting. Will you wait for me? Or do you want to have dinner without me?”

Megan hid her surprise and answered, “I’ll go home first, then. The books are too heavy, so I’ll leave them here. Bring them back for me later.”


As Megan strolled out of his office, she couldn’t help but lament how dedicated his employees were. She thought the meeting would’ve ended by now, but everyone was waiting for Jake to wake up. If it were her, she would’ve burst out indignantly having to wait that long.

Megan’s stomach was grumbling when she exited Sky Entertainment’s building. She was strolling on the street while figuring out what to have for dinner when a car rolled to a stop by her side.

Startled, Megan stepped backward warily as her sixth sense told her it was time to leave.

She was about to dash off when the car door swung open, and a pair of exquisite leather shoes came into view.

A voice dripping with sarcasm rang out. “Megan Rockford, long time no see.”

Looking up, Megan saw Herman leering at her lecherously.

She endured the disgust rising in her and gave him an icy glare. “What do you want? Shouldn’t you be with Mia now?”

Upon hearing Mia’s name, Herman’s expression fell instantly. He gritted his teeth and growled, “D*mn you, woman. If you hadn’t set me up in Lostaria, I wouldn’t be in this state right now! Mia wouldn’t have dumped me!”

Anyone who was still sane wouldn’t have stayed with Herman after witnessing what happened that day. Looks like Mia is still rational. I was tricked by him in my past life. Even if I realized what was going on, I still trusted him like a fool.

“Ha!” Megan let out a snort as she recalled what happened in the past.

Herman thought she was mocking him, so he dashed over to her as his fury sprang to life.

“How dare you laugh at me, Megan? Do you have a death wish?” he roared.

Hearing his threat, Megan snapped back to reality and stepped aside hurriedly. She stuck her chin up and declared, “What? Are you trying to kill me in broad daylight?”

Herman hesitated for a brief while before something seemed to strike him. He let out a sneer, “Megan, even if you have Jake, that doesn’t mean you can get your way. I’ll make sure you pay for setting me up!”

Seeing how contorted Herman’s face was, Megan didn’t know what to say. I must be blind in my past life. This is his true colors.

Pursing her lips, she shot daggers at Herman. “You’re smarter than I think. Can’t you put yourself in my shoes? Why didn’t you say that when you and Mia worked together to harm me?”

She added, “Besides, I wasn’t trying to set you up. You started gambling after I provoked you. Clearly, you’re greedy and terrible.”

Megan’s remark nearly caused Herman to suffocate from his fury. He ran a hand through his hair in irritation, tamping down the urge to kill her on the spot.

Pointing at her, he announced angrily, “How dare you deny it? It’s all your fault!”

Megan’s words registered in his brain right after he blurted his words in a fit of anger. Wait. Did she say I worked together with Mia to harm her?

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