Never Late, Never Away Chapter 3361

Chapter 3361 Herman And Mia

Herman’s lips parted in shock. How did Megan find out about this? Was she right behind me when I made that phone call?

No wonder she seemed distracted when we had that meal together. Turns out she knew about us.

As Herman recalled what happened back then, he was certain Megan was at the restaurant before he arrived. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been able to overhear his phone conversation without alerting him.

She had her guard up from the very beginning.

“Y-You know about Mia and me from the very beginning?” Herman recollected himself and frowned calmly. He’s right. She is no ordinary woman.

Megan glanced at him indifferently. “What do you think? I know everything about you and Mia. As for how… Remember how I took your phone when I helped you to borrow some money? I went through your call records back then.”

She scoffed. “You were so engrossed in losing and didn’t even realize what I was doing. When you returned to the country and came to me, I deliberately directed you to Mia because I knew about your relationship. Alas, you foolishly thought I was concerned about you.”

Without giving a damn about Herman’s feelings, Megan revealed the truth harshly. It was extremely satisfying to see the color draining out of Herman’s face as he gazed at her in disbelief with his shoulders slumped in defeat.

In her past life, Herman was the winner, so she was determined to make him lose in this lifetime.

Megan’s hostile gaze shocked Herman into silence. He couldn’t understand why Megan resented him the very first time they met.

Perhaps they were meant to be rivals.

Herman composed himself as his gaze darkened. He knitted his brows and scanned Megan carefully before clenching his fists.

“Looks like you’re pretty full of yourself. Alright, since you admitted it without hesitation, I’ll admit defeat. I need you to come with me for another matter, though.”

With that, Herman took two steps forward as his expression turned grim.

Megan’s heart skipped a beat as she stepped back nervously. Her instincts told her that something bad was about to happen.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she hissed.

We are right in front of Sky Entertainment. Isn’t Herman afraid of Jake?

Megan’s mind was abuzz with thoughts. Suddenly, Herman stretched a hand out to grab Megan’s arm. At once, Megan snapped back to reality as fear crept up her face. She tried hard to tamp down her horror and glared at the man.

“Let go! Are you going to kidnap me? Don’t forget where we are now!”

In usual circumstances, she would try her best to avoid mentioning her relationship with Jake. However, right now, she couldn’t care less as she wanted to scare Herman away.

Herman ignored her reminder and snickered smugly. He dragged her toward the direction of his car.

“Even if Hades comes after me, you still need to come with me!”

“Let me go!”

Alas, Megan was no match for the man. No matter how much she struggled, Herman’s grip on her arm didn’t budge an inch.

What should I do? That was the only thought in Megan’s mind.

They were beside a bustling street, but the passers-by ignored them and didn’t even spare them a glance. Megan slowly lost the energy to resist. Her heart sank into despair.

Still, she wasn’t one who’d give up easily. The despair in her heart was swiftly replaced by determination.

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