Never Late, Never Away Chapter 3364

Chapter 3364 Beef Noodles

Who would have thought that Mr. Hughes, one of the top directors in the entertainment industry, would choose to have lunch in such an ordinary restaurant?

However, Megan realized she had the wrong idea after stepping foot into the restaurant. It looked like everyone in the entertainment industry knew that this is Pierce’s usual lunch spot.

This is because every single diner had on a mask and a cap. Megan noticed a woman, who was eating noodles with her mask down, was one of the four rising female stars in the industry.

She stared at Pierce’s figure helplessly but realized he was staring back at her sarcastically.

She raised her brow in surprise. Pierce looked like he was used to it by now. It must have been the norm for him to be surrounded by people as one of the leading figures in showbiz.

“Two bowls of beef noodles please.”

“Coming right up, Mr. Hughes!”

Pierce ordered beef noodles to eat in calmly even after noticing the situation in the shop.

Megan felt a little embarrassed after seeing how cool Pierce was about the situation. She ordered a bowl of beef noodles as well after looking through the menu.

The two of them were about to pay for their meal when the shop owner waved them away. He cooked the noodles and said, “Someone would come along just to pay for your lunch every day. I still owe you a few thousand, so you don’t need to pay for this.”

The shop owner looked like an honest man. Megan was shocked to learn that someone would actually come all the way just to pay for Pierce’s lunch.

However, she knew that Pierce was so arrogant that he would never let anyone make him feel like he owes them anything.

Sure enough, Pierce wrinkled his nose in disgust when he heard the shop owner’s words.

His annoyed voice reverberated throughout the room. “As I said, their money have nothing to do with me. I’m buying lunch for this girl as well. Here’s a total of twenty.”

With that, Pierce picked up his bowl of beef noodles and sat down.

Megan dared not interrupt their conversation throughout. She simply picked up her bowl of beef noodles and sat herself down beside him.

After settling down, Megan breathed a sigh of relief and checked the restaurant out.

It wasn’t nearly as clean nor beautifully furnished as the other restaurants with only five or six dining tables scattered around. The brightly lit room was the only indication that it was a modern restaurant.

“Why aren’t you digging in? Do you not like it?” Pierce couldn’t help but ask. He thought Megan didn’t like the food since she was staring blankly into space.

Megan returned to her senses, shook her head, and was about to dig in when she felt all eyes on her.

She checked out the people around her out of the corner of her eye as she ate lunch. Some of them looked like they were ready to pounce, whereas others were gritting their teeth; Pierce was their prey.

Megan took a bite as she wondered who will be the first to strike. Just then, her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of heels.

“Mr. Hughes, I see you’re having lunch here today as well.”

Only one person came to Megan’s mind as she heard the voice, Jacinta.

Sure enough, she turned around and saw that it was Jacinta.

Pierce totally ignored Jacinta as he only had eyes for his beef noodles. Megan turned around and quickly took a few bites. She had a feeling they were going to have a fight in a short while. Hence, it was important for her to fill herself up first.

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