Never Late, Never Away Chapter 3365

Chapter 3365 Foolish Jacinta

“Mr. Hughes, do pay me some attention.”

Megan finished off her meal by gulping down a mouthful of soup as Jacinta stopped in front of their table. She wiped her mouth with a piece of tissue, feeling content.

Pierce didn’t plan on paying Jacinta any attention as he turned to look at Megan, then at his own bowl of beef noodles. He couldn’t help but laugh. “Looks like I’m getting old. I would have been able to eat as fast as you if I was your age.”

“Of course, you must have been very energetic during your younger days.”

Megan smiled and echoed his sentiment, totally ignoring Jacinta.

Jacinta widened her eyes in disbelief when she heard Megan’s voice. She had never taken her eyes off of Pierce the moment she stepped foot into the restaurant. Hence, she didn’t realize her rival was sitting right in front of Pierce.

“Megan, w-why are you here?” Jacinta wanted to curse but stopped herself when she realize most of her acquaintances were also in the restaurant.

Megan and Pierce gave her a look of disgust upon hearing her words. The atmosphere between them grew tense.

Megan knew they were going to have a fight the moment Jacinta stepped foot into the restaurant. Sure enough, Jacinta was already picking on her after a brief exchange.

Anyways, Megan had prepared herself for this.

She glared at Jacinta, lifted her chin and stood up, exuding a dogged air of confidence even though she was slightly shorter than Jacinta.

“Why? Do you want to sit here? You can have my place if you want.”

Pierce watched on in silence as tension in the air grew thick. He would have left under normal circumstances, but stayed to watch since it was Megan.

He had nothing better to do than talk crap to photos anyways.

Jacinta’s blood boiled upon hearing Megan’s words. She stomped her foot as storms brewed in her eyes.

She hated people who look down on her most. Jacinta couldn’t help but raise her hand as Megan mocked her.

“Are you going to hit me?” Megan wasn’t about to get bullied. She sneered coldly and caught Jacinta’s wrist.

Jacinta couldn’t suppress her anger any longer after being picked on repeatedly by Megan. If not for Pierce and her fellow colleagues in the restaurant, she would have beaten Megan till she begged for mercy.

Jacinta closed her eyes in an attempt to calm herself down, shoved Megan’s hand away, and turned her attention back to Pierce.

She shut Megan out, stared at Pierce, and pursed her lips. “Mr. Hughes, I shan’t beat around the bush. You must give me the role of Katherine in The Royal Wife.”

Jacinta was probably the one and only actress who dared ask the director for a role in such a straightforward manner.

She had yet to wake up to the reality that she wasn’t as popular as she used to be anymore.

It was Mia’s world now.

Megan chuckled and shook her head at Jacinta’s ignorance, while Pierce gave her a look and snorted.

“Why do you think you’re worthy of the role?”


Jacinta was so used to having her way that she could only bite her lip in response.

Megan raised her brow, puzzled as to why Jacinta was so keen on taking on Katherine’s role. Based on what she recalled from her past life memories, Katherine was an arrogant but pitiful bully.

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