Never Late, Never Away Chapter 3366

Chapter 3366 Exposed

It was hard to believe Jacinta would want to play the bad guy’s role when she used to insist on playing the role of teenage girls in the past.

However, on second thought, Megan figured her previous success might have inspired Jacinta to take on the role. After all, Katherine’s character seemed like a good choice for Jacinta who was eager to make a turnaround in her acting career.

Jacinta stood by their table, looking distressed, after Pierce’s sharp retort.

Megan watched on as she wondered what kind of response Jacinta would come up with.

After a long while, Jacinta finally responded.

“Mr. Hughes, at least I’m better than the woman sitting in front of you in terms of acting and experience. I heard that she’s already been chosen as one of the candidates for the female lead role. Am I not competent enough to play Katherine, who’s just a mere supporting character?”

Pierce’s face clouded over upon her words. He sneered and gave Jacinta a stern look.

“Where did you hear that from? What rights do you have to intervene in casting? Moreover, you’re so annoying. What do you mean by a mere supporting character? Talk to me again after reading the novel, okay?”

Jacinta was utterly humiliated by Pierce’s questions. She gritted her teeth, confused as to why Pierce wouldn’t give her leeway.

He merely used those pretentious and grandiose words as an excuse to reject her. She thought she already had a good grasp of the character before this.

Jacinta couldn’t suppress her anger any longer upon that thought. She turned around, gave Megan a menacing look, and pointed at her calm and collected face.

“Mr. Hughes, admit it. You were lying to yourself just now, aren’t you? Do you really think this woman has a firm grasp on Elizabeth’s character? She simply became a candidate for the female lead role because she has the President of Sky Entertainment to back her up.”

Jacinta backed Megan into a corner with a determined look in her eyes. Everyone else gasped in surprise when they heard the news.

If this was true, it would mean that there was no longer any director who would cast roles based on the actor’s or actress’s acting skills in showbiz.

Pierce felt embarrassed as the crowd begin to murmur, while Megan felt that Jacinta just made a stupid move.

Is she dumb? How dare she talk shit in public?

The worst thing was, Jacinta had exposed her relationship with Jake.

Megan finally decided to speak up after seeing Pierce lapse into silence.

“Well then, would you like to role play right here, right now? Your capabilities must be out of this world for calling me out like that.”

Megan arched her brows, folded her arms, and brushed off Jacinta’s claims about her relationship with Jake.

She did it for herself, not for Pierce. For she didn’t want to be considered useless.

Jacinta was about to step up to the challenge when she realized how relaxed Megan’s answer was. She couldn’t help but feel suspicious about their motives.

Looks like Pierce will be backing Megan up no matter what. She would be losing more than she bargained for if the both of them team up to humiliate her.

She wanted to reject Megan’s proposal after thinking it through. However, she would be utterly humiliated if she backs out now since she said she was better than Megan.

Megan’s patience had waned thin as Jacinta struggled to make a decision. “Are you up to the challenge or not? We’ll see who will have the last laugh.”

After a long silence, Jacinta sneered at the look of confidence on Megan’s face. She’s merely a country bumpkin when I embark on my acting career. What a cow.

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