Never Late, Never Away Chapter 3367

Chapter 3367 The Showdown

Jacinta threw caution to the wind as she flipped her hair and stepped up to the challenge.

Not only would she act, but also record it to prove the netizens who said she was losing her touch wrong.

Jacinta paid the restaurant owner enough money to close down for the rest of the day, while the crowd stayed as witnesses to see who the better actress was.

Pierce, on the other hand, was delighted with how things turned out. Megan had been a big help since he wasn’t good at handling women like Jacinta.

“I’m surprised you agreed to it. Ok, let’s set the theme for each other and have a five minute impromptu play, what do you think?”

It sounded more like a statement than a question in Jacinta’s ears, making her upset.

She badly wanted to say no if possible.

“Up to you.” Jacinta couldn’t be bothered to be polite as she cursed Megan silently.

The both of them could never be friends in this lifetime. Megan turned around and gave the question some thought. In the end, she decided on a simple scene.

“You first. The scene will be having a fight with your boyfriend in college.” Megan purposely gave her an easier topic so that Jacinta wouldn’t be able to deny the results later on because of a difficult topic.

After all, she’s most certainly going to give me a hard one. My acting skills are way better than hers anyway.

Jacinta was stunned when she heard the topic. She never expected Megan to go so easy on her.

“Are you looking down on me?” Jacinta met Megan’s crystal clear gaze.

Megan was getting annoyed with Jacinta’s attitude. Her face darkened and glared at Jacinta, displeased. “If you’re ready, start acting. Or else you automatically lose.”

Jacinta felt like she had been stabbed in the heart when she heard the word ‘lose’. Her expression turned serious almost immediately after giving Megan a look.

I mustn’t lose out to this country bumpkin no matter what!

After having thought out how she would go about it, Jacinta said, “Ok, I’m ready. Let’s start.”

Megan was looking forward to her performance.

She leaned against the table with her arms folded and stared at Jacinta.

Jacinta barely made it through the first part as a college student. She was about to start acting after preparing herself for the emotionally intense scene.

Megan and Pierce kept their eyes peeled on the subtle change in expressions on Jacinta’s face. Her impromptu lines were still okay, but it was a pity she acted like a shrew rather than a college student who was quarreling with her lover. She didn’t showcase any emotions of pretending not to care when she really did deep down for her boyfriend.

“Why did you hold her hand? You’re despicable for going behind my back.”

The awkward lines paired with her acting made the audience feel like they were watching a shrew rather than the everyday life of a bickering couple.

It looked like Jacinta was getting old, for she couldn’t even handle her award-winning roles anymore. In other words, she had lost her touch. It was also why her popularity fell so much over the years.

“Ok. Stop.” Pierce felt disgusted by her acting. He glared at Jacinta as if blaming her for ruining his appetite.

However, Jacinta merely felt like her time wasn’t up yet. She collected herself and started to argue with Pierce. “I still have two minutes left, Mr. Hughes. Let me finish.”

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