Never Late, Never Away Chapter 3368

Chapter 3368 Mourn

A few more minutes wouldn’t help with that acting skills of yours. Megan thought to herself.

She couldn’t help but speak up. “I’ll only act for three minutes as well. That way, it’ll be fair game.”

Jacinta subconsciously wanted to refuse. However, she couldn’t bring herself to do it after seeing how the audience was displeased with her.

Am I really that bad?

Megan and Pierce urged Jacinta to come up with a topic for Megan before she could even make heads or tails of the situation. She gathered her thoughts and stared at Megan. I’m not going to give her an easy topic no matter what.

A scene popped into her head after giving it some thought. She lifted the corner of her mouth in excitement.

She swept a glance at Megan and said, “Pretend that you are mourning for your dead lover in ancient times.”

The crowd was stunned when they heard the note of confidence in Jacinta’s voice, for her topic sounded like a curse to Megan. They thought she should tone it down a little since this was just a friendly match.

Megan was going all out as she heard the murmurs around her. She wasn’t about to let Jacinta embarrass her in public.

She was going to prove that she was better than Jacinta in terms of acting and have the last laugh.

Megan could be stubborn as a mule at times. Mourning. Right. I’ll mourn for you, Jacinta.

Upon that thought, Megan imagined herself to be a man who just lost his beloved wife. Her eyes brimmed with tears and her lips quivered in an attempt to suppress her emotions.

“Ja, how could you leave me? Is the road to heaven okay?”

Megan played her character well. Her emotions reached its peak as she imagined Jacinta to be a gravestone.

She rushed up to hug Jacinta who was still in a trance, hiding the deep and sorrowful emotions below her lashes.

Nobody asked Megan to stop after three minutes. She took a deep breath, collected herself, and stared at Jacinta in disdain.

“How was it, Jacinta? How was your road to heaven?”

Pierce suddenly noticed something different about Megan as she mocked Jacinta.

Jacinta’s face turned an unbecoming shade of red in anger. She was about to retort when Pierce cut in.

“Megan, what made you decide to do a reverse role play?”

Megan gave it some thought and smiled. “Nothing much. I just thought it was easier to express a man’s sorrows as compared to a woman’s.”

It was easier? Pierce didn’t think so. However, it was entirely up to the actress to bring the character to life. It looked like Megan’s acting style resembles a man more than a woman.

He suddenly looked forward to how Megan would bring Elizabeth to life in The Royal Wife when she was naïve and full of love. After all, Megan would only need the gentleness of a lady during that part.

Pierce nodded his head as if he agreed with Megan’s statement. He gave the audience a look and said, “Ok, it’s time to vote.”

The crowd exchanged looks. They felt like there wasn’t a need to vote anymore since the winner was clearly Megan.

“Vote? What for? Megan misinterpreted the topic on purpose. It doesn’t count!”

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