Never Late, Never Away Chapter 3375

Chapter 3375 A Bystander

“I didn’t expect to see you here, Mr. Wilson.” The director stepped forward to greet Jake, visibly tensed.

He didn’t participate in the shooting of the second season. When he heard from the photographer and producer that Megan had appeared with Jake, he regretted letting her participate in the show.

He was afraid of upsetting Jake in any way. Originally, he planned to discontinue the show after season two, but the ratings for the second season far exceeded the first season’s. Not to mention, it had also caused a minor uproar on the internet.

He was currently caught between a hammer and an anvil. On the one hand, he was requested by the investors to continue shooting, and on the other, he was afraid that Jake would have leverage over him and affect his career. Hence, he became anxious the moment he saw the man.

“Don’t mind me. I’m only here to check things out as an investor,” Jake stood beside Megan and stated in a grandiose manner, but none of the people present believed a single word he just uttered.

Despite that, they didn’t dare to openly show it, smiling and nodding in response before boarding the plane together.

A few hours later, everyone finally arrived in Yorksland. Megan did not speak throughout the entire flight as she felt groggy and uncomfortable due to her cold.

Oddly, Jake, who was the source of infection, looked completely fine. He was only weak for one day and returned to being as strong as an ox after that.

Upon exiting the airport gates, there was a bus waiting for everyone. After several more hours, they finally arrived at the final shooting location – a wooden-structured homestay in the suburbs.

The sky was already pitch-dark by then. Stars were scattered across the sky, while a thin veil of clouds seemed to be caressing the moon’s silvery, pale surface.

After settling down in her room, Megan realized that it was already quite late. Sleep called to her, but she knew that it would be impossible to fall asleep on an empty stomach.

Suddenly, her sensitive nose picked up a mouth-watering aroma. Something delicious seemed to be cooking in the open space outside the homestay.

She opened her door to check it out but came face to face with Jonas who looked like he was about to knock on her door instead.

After not seeing each other for so long, an invisible barrier seemed to have formed between them. Megan smiled stiffly and wore a guarded expression. “What is it? Is something wrong?”

Bitterness crept into Jonas’ heart, but he was reluctant to look away from her because he rarely had the chance to look her straight in the eyes.

He recollected his thoughts and stared at her, trying his best to maintain a calm front. “Mm. The director and the others are having a barbeque downstairs. They told me to call you and Jake.”

“Ah, I see.” Megan smiled and mentally heaved a sigh of relief. “I got it. I’ll go get him. You can head down first.”

She had already noticed the change in Jonas through their brief conversation. He was no longer the carefree and cheerful young man from before. Instead, his every smile was to hide the pain he was feeling.

Megan knew the reason for the drastic change in him but had to pretend otherwise. Averting her gaze, she was about to skirt around him and look for Jake.

Jonas was overwhelmed with the urge to stop her, just so that he could talk to her for a bit longer. However, he had lost the right to do so. He was merely an ordinary friend to her, and a bystander to her relationship with Jake.

In spite of that, there was something he needed to give her.

“Megan, I have something to give you.”

Megan, who had almost reached the staircase, stopped in her tracks and turned around in confusion, wondering what exactly Jonas wanted to give her.

“What is it?”

Megan was perplexed. Watching Jonas walk along the corridor under the faint yellow lights, she realized that she hadn’t taken a proper look at him in a long time. Only with the lights illuminating him from head to toe did she notice that he had lost quite a lot of weight.


Jonas took out an envelope from his pocket and handed it to Megan with eyes that seemed to dazzle like a pair of unique gemstones.

Looking at the envelope in his hand, Megan did not know whether to accept it or not. After a moment of hesitation, she still decided to take it.

“What’s inside?”

The envelope was very thin, and there didn’t seem to be anything inside. Only when Megan held it up to the light did she discern something like a piece of paper inside.

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