Never Late, Never Away Chapter 3376

Chapter 3376 Heartless

Don’t tell me it’s a love letter?

Megan was slightly dumbfounded but quickly shook off that thought with a soft chuckle. She doubted Jonas was such a childish person.

Jonas was slightly puzzled to see her laughing under her breath, but instead of asking why, he explained with an expectant look on his face, “Your birthday is just around the corner, so I’m giving you your gift I prepared in advance.”

Hearing this, Megan blinked in surprised. Birthday?

Come to think of it, her birthday was indeed approaching. Megan frowned slightly, confused as to how he knew about this.

“H-How did you know?”

Jonas did not expect her to ask him this. His mouth tightened slightly and he shifted his gaze away for a split second before looking back at her again. “As your friend, it’s not that strange to ask around about stuff like this. I hope you don’t mind.”

Hope I don’t mind, huh?

Megan squeezed the envelope in her hand. Steeling her resolve, she lifted her head and handed it back to him. With a stoic and resolute expression, she said, “Since it’s a birthday present, I think it’s better that you give it to me on my birthday or people might get the wrong idea. Things would be very troublesome then.”

Why would things be troublesome? In what way? Jonas did not voice these questions, but his face turned grim and the disappointment in his eyes couldn’t be concealed.

Of course, Megan knew that her actions would hurt him, but all of this was unnecessary, and she did not like it one bit. Not to mention, she had never liked Jonas that way.

“You… really are heartless.” Jonas felt his emotions spiraling out of control. He took the envelope from her hand and stared at it in silence for a long time before tearing it open.

Under Megan’s gaze, he slipped out a paper from the envelope and unfolded it in front of her to reveal the two words “big idiot” written on it.

Megan’s eyes widened in befuddlement, obviously clueless as to what was going on.

“This is?”

There was a hint of helplessness in Jonas’ eyes, and the bitter curve on his lips couldn’t seem to be erased. Gazing at a surprised Megan, he forced himself to say, “I actually lost a game and they wanted me to give this to you. It’s just a prank. Everything I said earlier is fake. Don’t take it seriously.”

Hearing this, Megan’s chest tightened, and the surprise in her eyes morphed into guilt. She suddenly understood why Jonas called her heartless earlier.

The shooting for this season’s Love In Progress was very smooth. Her interaction with Jonas was neither awkward nor distant. Thus, she assumed that he had let go of his obsession with her. It’s better this way. Jonas can start a new life.

Soon, Jonas planned to leave for A Nation as there was a director there who greatly valued his acting skills and invited him over to participate in the extremely challenging shooting of a wild escape, which coincidently had a Chanaean character. After all the ups and downs Jonas experienced, he thought that it was a good idea to leave the country for a change. Hence, after negotiating on the terms, he finished up all his work within the country and took this opportunity to give himself a chance to explore the world beyond. This way, he probably wouldn’t come in contact with Megan for quite some time.

Before long, Jonas went abroad without bidding Megan goodbye.

Megan only learned about his departure from the entertainment news section.

With Jake’s protection, Megan’s days in the entertainment industry were smooth-sailing and peaceful, and the two of them lived as a lovey-dovey couple.

Their days were without incident, but one morning, Megan constantly felt sick to her stomach when she was brushing her teeth.

She thought that it was the recent unpredictable weather that was causing her to feel discomfort in her stomach. Without any parents to take care of her, she lived a tough life when she was younger. She frequently skipped meals and ate at irregular hours, causing her to have gastric issues.

Thus, Megan did not think much about it.

“What’s wrong?” Jake asked with concern after being roused from his sleep by the sound of Megan throwing up in the bathroom.

“It’s probably nothing. I’ve been like this since I was small. I’ll be better after having some breakfast. You should wash up and come downstairs for breakfast too.” Megan made light of the situation.

Hearing this, Jake didn’t probe any further either.

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