Never Late, Never Away Chapter 3377

Chapter 3377 Having A Baby

Megan went downstairs first and rubbed her belly, feeling slightly hungry.

But as soon as she neared the dining table and saw the breakfast spread out on it, another wave of nausea washed over her and she dashed to the bathroom to retch violently.

Right then, Jake came downstairs after washing up. When he didn’t see Megan but heard the sound of someone retching, he immediately strode toward the bathroom, only to see Megan sprawled over the sink with a sickly complexion.

“What’s going on? Let me take a look at you,” Jake asked with panic evident in his tone.

“I-” Before Megan could answer, she started dry-heaving again.

Without another word, Jake picked her up and rushed to the hospital. Seeing as Megan kept retching along the way, Jake left the car windows open so that she could ease her discomfort by breathing in some fresh air.

As soon as they arrived at the hospital, he arranged for the director himself to examine her.

Meanwhile, he waited anxiously by the side. Clasping Megan’s hand in both of his, he silently offered her a sense of security.

Jake’s frantic and nervous gestures tugged on Megan’s heartstrings. Since young, no one had cared about whether she lived or died. She never knew what it felt like to be treasured like this. She never expected to meet Jake and be taken care of so well after her rebirth. The thought of it caused her to suddenly giggle out loud.

“How can you still be in the mood to laugh? Lie down properly,” Jake ordered.

After the doctor finished conducting a series of examinations, he merely looked at Jake without saying a word.

A moment later, he cleared his throat and said, “There’s nothing wrong with this lady, but…” He wasn’t certain about the relationship between Jake and Megan, so of course, he hesitated to disclose the diagnosis results.

“Doctor, you’re free to speak. We’re a couple. Regardless of the results, we can bear the consequences,” Jake stated firmly and squeezed Megan’s hand.

Megan was also slightly nervous when she noticed the doctor’s hesitation, but the warmth from Jake’s palm made her feel very safe.

“Mr. Wilson, this lady is actually completely fine. She’s merely experiencing some mild stress, so she needs to relax and get more rest every day. And actually, she’s pregnant,” the doctor said bluntly.

“What?” Both Jake and Megan blurted out in surprise at the same time, unable to wrap their minds around this information.

“Doctor, could you be mistaken?” Megan questioned immediately.

“Miss, based on my experience, that’s not very likely. The report will be out in a bit and you can further verify it then. I have other patients to tend to, so I’ll be taking my leave now.” With that, the doctor left.

Megan was dumbstruck. How can I possibly be pregnant? Then, doesn’t that mean this child belongs to…

Megan didn’t dare to look at Jake or think any further. Would Jake accept this child? Will my child be born without a father? Megan’s heart instantly sank to the pit of her stomach at that possibility.

The changes flitting across Megan’s face did not go unnoticed by Jake, and he immediately understood what was on her mind. He cupped Megan’s face and leveled their gazes.

“What are you afraid of? Do I look like an irresponsible person to you?” Jake was obviously a little bit angry.

Before Jake could continue speaking, Megan lowered her head timidly. She was just too afraid to believe that she was pregnant, regardless of what kind of person Jake was.

“This is our child. No matter what happens, I’ll always protect you and this child,” Jake declared in a solemn and resolute tone.

Megan fell into deep thought. She was too scared to imagine the consequences if Jake were to find out that she had lied to him about her true identity. If it were in the past, she wouldn’t be the least bit afraid. After all, she was a lone wolf. The worst that could happen was losing her life. However, everything was different now. Once she had a weak spot, nothing would be the same. For the sake of this child, she couldn’t afford to act recklessly.

“This is Megan Rockford’s test report.” Whilst Megan was still lost in her thoughts, the head nurse came to deliver her report, clearing all of the previous doubts.

Megan looked at the report and was at a loss.

Seeing the dazed expression, Jake took the report from her hands. “This is great news. We’re having a baby,” he said while looking at Megan with a steady gaze.

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