Never Late, Never Away Chapter 555

“My body’s still hanging in there. I’ll have to bear with it and see how long it lasts,” Rachel calmly answered Vivian. She had already lost hope during the years of waiting.

Vivian was perturbed when she heard what Rachel said. It was unhealthy of Rachel to be facing her illness in such a pessimistic manner.

“Did Evelyn ever came to visit you? Did she test the compatibility of her bone marrow? You need to get this surgery done as soon as possible!”

Vivian’s word left Rachel speechless. Her disappointment was clearly visible from her eyes. Noticing that, Vivian had a realization.

“Don’t tell me. Did Evelyn refuse to donate her bone marrow?” She asked with a hint of rage on her expression. Would she really leave her own birth mother to die like this?

“No. It’s not like that,” Rachel frantically waved her hands as she denied. “Evelyn has been really busy. It’s not that she doesn’t want to. She merely did not have the time. Please don’t misunderstand.”

Rachel’s panicked reaction had affirmed Vivian of her speculation, and she sneered. Busy? She had time to even go on a cruise! How can she not have time to save her mother, who’s currently at death’s door!

Even though Vivian had already witnessed the cruelty Evelyn possessed, but this was a new low, even for her standards. Never had Vivian ever met someone who could be so ruthless with their blood relatives. Her brows knitted as she looked at the frail Rachel right in front of her.

She’s not going to last any longer if she doesn’t get that transplant soon. Do I really need to look for Evelyn?

The thought of that selfish and sinister woman made Vivian rethink everything.

And while she was facing that difficult decision, her phone rang. Vivian’s face immediately darkened as she read the caller’s indication. It was none other than Evelyn.

“It’s Evelyn! Quick, Vivian. Pick up the call!” Rachel urged when she saw Evelyn’s name on Vivian’s phone screen. Her eyes sparkled with care and longing as she formed a smile on her face.

This reaction pained Vivian inside. No matter how Evelyn treated Rachel, Rachel would never blame her simply because she gave birth to Evelyn. She would even find excuses to defend her and get really excited whenever there was news about her.

“Quick, Vivian! What if she hangs up?” Rachel was getting anxious, seeing that Vivian was only staring at the phone. This time, there was a hint of admonishment in her voice.

Vivian’s heartache worsened from hearing that. She could feel the tears welling up in her eyes. This is the difference between a birth child and someone else’s, I suppose? Does she really have to be so angsty just because I am not picking up immediately? Would she still act the same if it was me calling Evelyn?

She realized how stupid it was of her to feel so much concern for Rachel a moment ago. After all, Vivian was not Rachel’s kin, and Rachel would never treat her like she was. Vivian knew that she could never overthrow Evelyn’s importance in Rachels’s heart.

Even though a lot was going on in her head, Vivian eventually picked up the phone. She could not simply end the call in front of Rachel anyway.

“Vivian, are you free right now?” Evelyn sounded really pleasant and polite. Nevertheless, Vivian knew better. She was immediately on high alert, thinking that Evelyn was plotting something against her once again. It had become a conditioned reflex at this point after the numerous occasions where Evelyn set her up.

“What can I do for you?” Vivian tried to be as polite as possible since Rachel was right in front of her. In her head, she would have screamed at Evelyn if she was anywhere else.

“Let’s talk. If you’re free right now, I’ll send you the location, okay?”

Vivian instinctively wanted to refuse, but she did not.

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