Never Late, Never Away Chapter 556

Vivian turned around to look at Rachel as she joyously listened to Evelyn’s voice through the phone, secretly letting out a sigh. She’s just a mother that loves her daughter. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Despite all the mixed feelings Vivian had, Rachel did, in fact, raised her. Hence, she could not leave Rachel to die like that.

With that in mind, she accepted Evelyn’s invitation. “Alright. Send me the location. I’ll go look for you.”

Vivian figured there was a chance that she could convince Evelyn to donate her bone marrow to Rachel. No matter how slim the chances might be, she needed to try.

She could not just sit and watch as Rachel slowly withered away day by day. She could never do that.

After they decided on a time, Vivian ended the call. Meanwhile, Rachel was looking at her phone with a blank stare.

It had been a long time since she talked to Evelyn. Rachel knew Evelyn did not like her as a mother because she was really shabby, unable to match Evelyn’s standards. Thus, she never tried to call Evelyn for fear of irritating her.

Rachel figured that Evelyn already had a lot on her plate since she lost both her legs and was forced onto a wheelchair. Rachel did not want to give her any more unnecessary problems. This was all my fault. The child has nothing to do with it.

“I’ll be leaving then. I’m meeting Evelyn.” Vivian raised her voice seeing that Rachel was still spacing out.

Finally, Rachel snapped back into reality. “Alright. Go and see Evelyn. I won’t delay you any further.”

There were hints of envy in her voice, and it made Vivian perplexed. She could not tell whether she should feel upset or pity for Rachel. Or should I feel empathy?

Vivian was also a mother now. She could understand how Rachel was feeling, how she longed to see her daughter. Nonetheless, her daughter was Evelyn Morrison. A cold-hearted woman whose evil knew no bounds. There was a high chance that she might never get to feel any intimacy from her own daughter.

“You take care then. I’ll be leaving now.” Vivian stood up.

“Sure. I’ll make the braised pork that you like the next time you come. The one that made you clean the plate.”

The corner of Rachel’s eyes were wet as she said that. After all, Vivian was still like a daughter to her. She loved and raised her since young, so she was reluctant to see Vivian leave as well.

That being said, Vivian seemed to be distancing herself from Rachel. This is karma I reckon. The Lord is punishing me for what I did and I have no one but myself to blame…

At the same time, Vivian also felt the urge to cry. She was reminded of the time she used to stuff herself, telling Rachel how good they were with a smile. However, it was no more than a distant memory to her now. She could no longer feel the joy from back then.

“Okay,” she choked up a bit. “Make it for me when you get discharged.”

“Sure. You’ll have to eat a lot when the time comes.” Rachel was holding in her tears as she smiled. Will that day ever arrive?

With that, Vivian turned around and left after giving Rachel a nod. Vivian did not want to say anything because she had a feeling she would cry if she did. She did not want Rachel to feel sad.

When Vivian left the ward, the tears she held in still made it’s way out of her tear duct and onto her cheeks. Deep down, she knew that her relationship with Rachel had come to an end.

Vivian asked Sean to take her to the venue that Evelyn sent her after she exited the hospital.

But when they arrived, Vivian was puzzled. Evelyn had invited her to an orphanage.

Vivian was uncertain that she was at the designated location, so she gave Evelyn a call. Nevertheless, Evelyn told Vivian that she was waiting for her inside the orphanage and Vivian could go in straight away.

Hearing that made Vivian hesitate at the door. She was worried that it was another trap that Evelyn had set up for her. Having said that, Rachel’s life was on the line, so she forced herself to brave the storm.

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