Never Late, Never Away Chapter 557

Vivian figured she just needed to be careful.

And yet, as soon as she went in, the event happening before Vivian confused her. It made her doubt herself, thinking that she was hallucinating when she saw Evelyn happily playing with the children there.

What’s she plotting this time?

It felt bizarre to Vivian to see Evelyn’s smile amongst the smiles of innocent kids.

What was happening at the moment contrasted Evelyn’s usual style very heavily, as Vivian would not be able to think that a devilish person like Evelyn, who could even order men to defile others, would have the decency to play with the little kids in an orphanage.

“Vivian! You’re here!” Evelyn noticed Vivian and waved at her excitedly, gesturing for her to come closer.

Vivian was on high alert even after she approached Evelyn. She was still trying to figure out what Evelyn was up to.

“You came at the best time. I was having trouble trying to think of what to do here. Can you help me?” Evelyn tugged at Vivian’s hand with a smile, pointing towards the edge of the roof.

“I brought a wind chime for the children, and they wanted to hang it over there. That way, they would hear it as soon as they came in. You know I’m in no shape to do this, so can you help me hang it up there?”

Vivian raised her head and saw that the roof was not that high up and that the ladder on the side looked firm and solid enough. Even though she had no idea what Evelyn was scheming, Vivian really did not want to disappoint the kids with their excited gaze.

“Alright,” she said as she picked up the wind chime from the table and climbed up the ladder. She carefully hung the wind chime onto a beam under the roof while Evelyn looked at her.

At that moment, Evelyn’s smile was gone, replaced with a cold and calculative expression.

“Alright!” Vivian said as she bolted down the ladder to look at the wind chime.

The blues and whites on it were complemented by the sky and looked exquisite. The sight of it seemed to have a soothing effect on people.

“Woah! Kids, isn’t this lady here amazing? Let’s give her a round of applause!”

The sweet voice Evelyn was using sent shivers down Vivian’s spine. She’s acting really suspicious today. I need to be extra vigilant.

“You’re amazing, miss!”

“That’s awesome!”

“The wind chime looks really good!”

The kids were all excitedly cheering and clapping for Vivian as she unknowingly formed a smile on her face.

There was a saying that described kids as angels that were lost in the human realm, and at that moment in time, it made sense to Vivian. It actually felt like the gaze from their beady eyes could cleanse one’s soul.

All of a sudden, a four-year-old boy sat down and started crying.

Evelyn was stumped for a brief moment before she hurried over to him in her wheelchair.

“What’s wrong?” She picked the boy up and asked, making it seem like she was considerate. “Alright now. Don’t cry. Tell me, what happened?”

Having said that, the boy was still crying a river. He would not say anything no matter what Evelyn did.

Right then, a little girl stepped forward and admitted quietly, “I accidentally stepped on his foot just now. But I didn’t mean to do it. It was really just an accident… “

The girl started crying, assuming that the two pretty ladies were going to think that she was a bully and not like her.

Evelyn was starting to panic inside since she never actually comforted a child before. She was at the orphanage just for show so that Vivian would let down her guard.

The crying was slowly getting on Evelyn’s nerves. Why is this boy like this? It’s only a step on the feet! What’s there to cry for? And this girl! What is she crying for?

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