Never Late, Never Away Chapter 560

Hearing that Evelyn promised to visit her mother, Vivian’s rage gradually subsided. “You better mean what you say.”

She could not force Evelyn to donate her bone marrow, so the least she could do was make Rachel a little happier. Vivian figured that Evelyn’s voice was enough to bring Rachel so much joy in the hospital, so she would definitely be thrilled to see her daughter in person. This is the only thing I can do right now.

“Don’t worry. I’ll definitely go,” Evelyn answered confidently. “I didn’t know how to get along with her back then, but I’ll visit her often from now on.”

“Alright.” Vivian nodded with satisfaction.

“Vivian, how’re things going with Hunter? He seems to really like you.”

Setting aside the topic with Rachel, Evelyn proceeded to ask Vivian about how she and Hunter were doing. She was worried that Hunter might not be able to woo Vivian.

“We’re doing okay.” Vivian gave her a side-eye stare and answered nonchalantly.

Vivian knew that Hunter was under Evelyn’s orders to get close to her, but she did not want to expose her just yet. She had decided to go along with Evelyn’s plans and play dumb, so Evelyn would not suspect anything. That way, it would be easier for her to collect evidence.

Vivian was determined to uncover evidence for the crime that Evelyn committed and pay her back.

“Do you like him? Have you ever thought about dating him?” Evelyn looked forward to hearing Vivian’s answer. If Vivian fell in love with someone else, it doesn’t matter if Finnick still has feelings for her.

“He’s a good man.” Vivian did not give her a clear answer.

“He is. You don’t know this, but he was really popular among the girls in school back then.”

Evelyn smiled happily as she heard what she wanted to hear. It looks like my plan is going to work. Vivian is as dumb as always.

“Really?” Vivian responded while looking for an excuse to leave. There was no more reason for her to stay there after she got the promise from Evelyn.

“Of course! He was outstanding! He was the recipient of almost all the school’s awards. Girls would surround him no matter where he was.”

She paused, realizing that she misspoken. “But! Even though a lot of girls liked him, he treated his relationship very seriously.”

Meanwhile, Vivian snickered at Evelyn’s stern expression.

I only know him for less than a month, and even I know he’s a playboy. I applaud your effort for trying to put in a good word for him. Hahaha.

Evelyn mistook the meaning behind Vivian’s laughter and felt even more empowered.

“There’s more! He’s a very thoughtful person! Everyone knew how he treated his girlfriend. We all predicted that he’d become a slave to his wife… “

The only thing Vivian did was sneer as she let Evelyn blow Hunter’s personality out of proportion.

“Trust me, Vivian. He’s the best choice you could ever make.” Evelyn gave Vivian a conclusion as she could not come up with any more praises for Hunter.

“Okay, I understand,” Vivian responded noncommittally. “I have something else going on, so I’ll be leaving now.” Vivian had had enough of Evelyn at this point.

Evelyn felt perplexed to see Vivian’s cold responses toward all the praises she had sung about Hunter. This made her unsure of whether Vivian had actually fallen for Hunter. She did say Hunter was a good man, right? Did I misunderstand?

“Okay. You can go first. I’ll ask you out some other time.” Evelyn forced out a smile.

“Bye.” Vivian also tried her best to form a smile before leaving. Before she reached the door, her phone suddenly rang.

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